1 month ago

Good morning workout, I do it 4 to 5 times a week. Not easy but it's worth it.
The view its nice you get to see Rialto,Rancho and Fontana. And if you enjoy nature like I do and lucky you'll get to see coyotes besides rabbits,lizards and roderuners.

Not too bad for a shorter hike.

Good 30-50 minute hike depending ding how many rest you take. Very satisfying reaching the too and looking at the setting sun on a good day

7 months ago

Great place for the family

It's a challenging work out but if you do it once a week you get used to the steep incline the only thing that really sucks is going down. The sand is really grainy and loose, it's best if you havd some sticks to prevent you from sliding down. No shade. Bring lots of water and a hat.

10 months ago

This is a great trail with views all around the Inland Empire and some of the best shots of Cucamonga Peak. I got on the trail early in the morning and saw owls and an amazing sunrise when it had just snowed recently on the surrounding mountains. There are also a lot of boulders to check out and you will see rock art everywhere, and the undesirable tagging.

Very steep and slippy at the start. Also just when you think you are at the summit, another hill rises! My son and I didn't quite make the top. Great views and a nice breeze higher up.

I've hiked this trail many times. It is a little more difficult that you would think. The beginning of the trail is steep and a bit slippery. Wear good shoes with traction.

Directions are not correct, you have to park at Jurupa Park on Jurupa/Sierra. The trail has steep elevations and is pretty unkept but the view is worth it.

Its a boring hot trail. That is until you decide to to cross the valley from west to east. Uncertain of how long it may take to reach the peak from lack of a good vantage point. Completing it is satisfying.

Can be a challenge and a lot more fun if done right.

Just did this trail today! Its not as bad as it seems. Sure there is a lot of graffiti but overall the view is nice. It took me about 2 hours to do this trail but i did take my time and stopped quite a bit to take pictures and for my GF to catch her breath haha. Great beginners hike.

Almost nothing about this overview is correct. The real Jurupa Hills North Trail is slightly less than 1.5 miles long and climbs around 1,300 feet in total elevation. The trail is not advisable for bikes because of the severe steepness unless you are an experienced downhill mountain biker.

The first half the trail isn't kept in very high quality. Many of the large natural rocks on the trail have been covered in graffiti and the water drains down the trails creating some massive ruts, but once you get past all of that the trail really gets better and better ending in a great 360 degree panorama of the entire valley. I personally enjoy this trail because of the great view and exorcise potential, but the trail itself isn't great quality.

easy place to hike great area to let your dog roam off the leash not much people around.

trail running
4 years ago

good steep paths around third trial for getting some cardio in

Not much of a trail, but great just for a quick walk or if you want to get some exercise you can run the hills. Not really a mountain bike trail... too short. Also the directions on here are not correct... unless I was in the completely run place.. you can park at Jurupa Park and start the trail there. Its not a "hike" its a stroll through the park, but Im glad its there! Not much is here in Fontana.