Fruit Rancher, Family Man, Writer...Father of the National Park Service! John Muir played many roles in his life, all of which helped him succeed in his role as an advocate for Nature. As America

A nice morning hike.

Not for beginners.

Nice little climb to get you breathing right and then a little loop on top to take in a few sights and then the descent back. Across the road on the bottom is another nice little hike.

4 months ago

I had a pleasant hiked in a late afternoon in July. The weather was dry and with cool breeze so it wasn't hot at all. Trail was short but with scenic views.

Saw this on weekend Sherpa, great views and escape from city. Yes there's tics but also great side trails, flat trails, orchard and vineyard trails, even a pig resort!

Nice dog friendly trail, but watch for ticks.

8 months ago

Nice trail with great views from the top. Go now while the hills are green and walk in the footsteps of John Muir himself!

trail running
10 months ago

my boyfriend slipped down cause it was muddy and he had some allergic reaction to mushrooms. it was great 5/5 would hike again. also saw some really big birds from a distance that completely disappeared mysteriously when we got close.