Nice and shady with a good variety of stuff to look at. A little confusing though.

Nice trail but almost no views. Cinderella is pretty steep -- our 83 year old grandma struggled up but made it. Also trails are shared with bicyclists.


nice walk fresh air

Not too hard, not too easy. Mostly shaded, went during the week and it was pretty empty but I'd expect it to be more traveled during the weekend.

It was a little confusing the first time around and I took a couple wrong turns, so bring a map. Great little hike tho

Decent hike with the park and area in disrepair. It used to be a great hike and park. Cleared it from my list and did it once. There are much better hikes close by...

mountain biking
3 months ago

Awesome place to hike and Mtb.

1st time on this loop. besides a few bicycles for excitement, very calm late afternoon trail for the beginning of the Labor Day Weekend.

I love this trail. Mostly wooded throughout. Picturesque and lots of forests.

We stared at the park and walked the stairs thinking that was the starting point for the trails... It wasn't. We got really frustrated. Also, the park definitely needs a touch up, so much graffiti it's really sad! Wish we weren't in a drought so the fountains could run. Finally found the trails after a short drive down the ranger station. Trails are really nice, which they had printed maps to take along. Views were incredible. Again, wish we weren't in a drought cause I bet with water flowing it's beautiful. Loved seeing all of the Bay Area. I also liked that it wasn't too much incline and was flat for most of the trail we chose (I think sunset trail was the name). Dogs are supposed to be leashed but people don't follow the rules. I kept my dog on a leash and got nervous when dogs came over to her with their owners farther behind. Overall it was great when we finally found the trails and I enjoyed myself.

4 months ago

This is my all time East Bay park. There are so many places to go in this park with beautiful new growth redwoods.

bring your hiking shoes for the Big Tree Trail.

Great walk with my dog. Refreshing morning out of east bay summer heat.

5 months ago

Great for a simple stroll through the woods.

mountain biking
5 months ago

Great for riders that are trying out trails that are customised for mountain bikers. Fun to just explore and ride moderately or hard. I recommend both Chapperal and Cinderella trails for downhill riders. Just watch out for Poison Oak that may reach out onto the trail!

Great way to spend a few hours! Wonderful day no matter the weather!

trail running
5 months ago

I ran the trail clockwise, from "sunset" to "chaparral" to "sequoia". Really great warm up, mild down hill to the flats. The middle of the run was a great steep pull uphill and the last 1/3 of the run was flat again. If you don't have a lot time for a run I highly suggest this run. I believe my run was roughly 3.5 miles.

6 months ago

Great hike. Trails are mostly in the woods so plenty of shade and feel very comfortable. Popular spot for mountain biking, feel crowded at some stretches of trails when you have to stay on the side to let the bikers pass. Woodminster theatre worth of a visit by itself. Water is dry now, but with the cascade in place you could imagine the scenes when water was running. Must be beautiful.