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Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, named for an American explorer of extraordinary courage, is a feast for the eye. The park protects 10,000 acres of primeval redwood groves, a lush undergrowth of rhododendrons and azaleas, and banks of ferns against giant fallen trees. Established in 1929, this predominately old growth coast redwoods park is bisected by the last major free flowing river in California, the Smith River. Almost all of the park land is water shed for the Smith River and Mill Creek, a major tributary. The park has about 20 miles of hiking and nature trails, river access, a visitor center with exhibits and a nature store. Drive Howland Hill Road (gravel-not recommended for trailers) and stroll in the Stout Grove. This park, along with Prairie Creek, Del Norte Coast, and the National Park Service's Redwood National Park, are managed cooperatively by the National Park Service and the California Department of Parks and Recreation. These parks make up 45 percent of all the old-growth redwood forest remaining in California.

5 days ago

Not a whisper of modern sound, eh? As I got out of the car, there was a fog horn just there on the edge of hearing. I could almost be imagining it. As I continued along the trail, it got louder, never missing a beat. As I went, it was joined by traffic noise. There is no mystery as to why this might be if one looks at the map. The falls do drown out all these noises. The trees are impressive and each one unique and rewarding if one takes the time to look. However, when one takes the time to listen, the nearby traffic has plenty of contributions.


The last part of the road is filled with pot holes and parking is very limited but this grove has a ton of redwoods and the trail even runs along the river. Excellent for photography but hike is easy and short.

1 month ago

Stunning!!! What a magical experience! Boy Scout tree is a little off the main trail- don't miss it! The falls is pretty at the end too

Started the hike at 10:30 am and the temp was 36 degrees. It probably was colder at the top around 01:00 pm. Any time the trail was exposed it was frozen. Pretty crunchy... The trail climbs about 1600' and out and back to the park boundary is 10 miles. The climb is steady but never really that steep. It's a very steady ascent for about 4 miles. I really enjoyed the trail's variety. The 1st mile or so are nice but small redwoods compared to the rest of the park. After that you go through a lot of different types of forest. The only real negative to me was some parts of the trail had gravel and I much prefer natural surfaces. I never saw another hiker and was very surprised I didn't see Elk or Deer even though I saw signs that they're there. It will be one of my go to hikes in the future and one I highly recommend.

The well-maintained trail makes for a nice leisure hike.

This was a great hike! We had 3 little ones with us - ages 6,4,2 and they did great! Lots of trees to explore and logs to climb on. We didn't trust the directions at first and parked out on the road - follow the directions all the way to the trailhead!

Very nice little campgound and a couple of nice flat trails for those less mobile. It also has a trail suitable for those in wheelchairs. Certainly not enough of those for our handicapped friends. There are some beautiful redwoods in the park but not nearly as beautiful as other areas of the park... #266

this is an easy and beautiful hike. you can see some of the large downed trees and a river near by. it has an outhouse and has paved areas.

great trail. as you get further back if you have bad knees id suggest walking sticks or hiking poles but it's do-able. very pretty, boy scout tree is very big.

3 months ago

I hiked this one and Myrtle Creek nearby purposely in the rain to get my lab pup, Brook, use to it. She loves creeks, rivers, lakes and the surf but she doesn't like rain or a hose... All it is is a nice little uphill for 3/4 mile and then back down in a loop. A lot of rhodies and tan oak with a few redwoods mixed in. Just enough to get your heart rate up. Part of the downhill was gentle enough I ran it. Having achilles tendon issues for over a year it was the 1st time I've ever ran with her. No doubt we'll do this again along with Myrtle Creek.

3 months ago

Did this and the nearby Wellman Trail today. This is a very easy trail that is a little unusual because much of it runs along a ditch because it was an old gold mining operation. This is an excellent trail for someone not use to hiking much. Pretty gentle with only a little altitude gain at the very beginning... Brook, my lab, loved this trail because of all the little waterfalls and feeder creeks. She didn't miss any...

3 months ago

Great trail I've done a few times but I've always done it with the Hiouchi Trail. One of my favorites in the area...