it was great. Enjoy your day to the the max

I walk to this trail from my home. Nice walking/running trail with water at times. See deer almost every time.

1 month ago

Close to home. Run up to O'Neil regional park from near Santa Margarita is very easy.

trail running
2 months ago

Was good, was my first time it was not bad, sure next time will run more distance.

The trail is part of O'Neill Park now. Dogs are not allowed even on a leash. If you access it from the Beebe park trailhead and take it all the way to the Sendero loop near Ortega Hwy. it is 18 miles out and back.

1 year ago

The map is out of date. There is now a well established trail on the west side of the creek that is not shown on the map. Some sections of this trail are single track and other sections are maintenance road (dirt).

mountain biking
3 years ago

Very nice ride but driving directions are a little off. Park at COX park for easy access

I live in this area and hike this trail all the time. There are many things to see, creek is all year, several small waterfalls, beautiful trail with huge oak trees. I have seen several huge Bucks and does with fawns, differant snakes, and kinds of other wildlife including foxes. this is an easy hike for all family members. Beware though some of the trails hvae had severe erosion from all the rain from this last winter storms.