Breathtaking- literally! There's a part of the trail where it is crazy steep, but overall it was a nice trail. Beautiful view of the bay. Mostly shaded. Pet friendly. Lots of dogs there.

2 months ago

We went on a beautiful day and got glimpses of the bay, Carmel beach, etc but other than that it was a forest trail. Still very enjoyable, but I was expecting more views!

3 stars cuz I did not think this was easy. the one labeled coffee berry on the maps has more than a 120 elevation climb in 0.3 mls. I thought this was the hardest part of all of my hike.

11 months ago

Beautiful view at the beginning then stuck in the forest for the rest of the trail. Cool to see the city!

on Iris and Rhus Trails

1 year ago

2 years ago

Trails are well maintained. Some hills but not too bad. Nice views.

$5 entrance fee. The trail is great for kids but make sure they stay in the middle of the path to ensure they don't get poison oak. It is everywhere. One complaint I do have is if you have a dog, ensure that it is on its leash. There was a lady that had 5 dogs and 2 were not leashed and one of the loose dogs came running and chasing my kids. Under different circumstances it would be different but because these dogs were loose and running all through the bush they had ticks that fell off and landed on my wife which i spotted right away. Also chasing my kids I didn't want the dogs brushing up on them because of the poison oak. Like I said, under different circumstances I do not have issues with other peoples animals but when there are signs posted telling you to keep you dogs on a leash it is for very good reasons.
The hike has good lookout points in which you can see the bay and then some.
Happy Trekking!

Pretty easy of a trail. beautiful look out over the city and ocean. be on the look out this is a Geocash trail!