Amazing and peaceful trail. Perfect for families or anyone that wants to see a little greenery!

Nice Hike !

Gorgeous Botanical Garden helps motivate your hike.

Beautiful walk

It was too hot while I was there in March. Slippery I say almost ate it with my child on my back

4 months ago

There are many beautiful flowers and other greenery. There is also a small pond with turtles and koi. It's a good hike to do at least once so you know what it's like, however it's a very short/easy trail not really designed to be a workout. Great for kids and peaceful strolls through the gardens.

A Beautiful sight nice hike a lot to see

Great for my 6 & 8 year old boys. Enough trail for a workout but easy enough that they didn't complain.

Lovely all the different flowers made it easy and enjoyable...

Calming and colorful

just a beautiful place to relax..

Beautiful trails! If you love nature, this is the trail for you. $1 parking for an hour and suggested $5 donation per person.

Fun and easy trail to explore with the kids.

Beautiful panorama today from the fireroad at the top of the gardens. Clean air and blue skies made this a serene jaunt through a tranquil place.

Great, fairly easy trail with a wide variety of plants and birds. Lots of places to sit and relax. At the back of the campus, but the buildings are rarely in sight. Quite a find in the middle of town!