Did an awesome 7 mike hike. We did a big loop up toward Anaheim Hills along the ridge and hiked down into Irvine Regional Park. it was difficult to find the trail to cross the creek. The map they gave us didn't show the area south west of the park. but we made it to the Dam and back into Santiago park. So many. areas to explore -I want to go back asap.

on Santiago Creek Trail

3 months ago

It's a pretty nice place. There are many many different routes to take on this trail but the only issue is it can get super super hot once you get up to the mountains. If you stay down low & hike at the bottom there's some shade but if you want to take the long routes be prepared for heat! Bring lots of water & maybe something to fan yourself with because once you get to the mountains there will be no shade if you're going up high.

4 months ago

mountain biking
5 months ago

Great place for a weekend MTB ride. Typically light trafficked. Can get pretty hot so make sure you have plenty of water. Can get pretty tight in some spots. All around fun ride, highly recommend it.

6 months ago

Awesome view of OC! Very easy to get to the top.

Short and sweet for a family hike on a weekend or holiday or a peaceful break by yourself!

7 months ago

The family and I are always looking for new hiking places. When we read it was a dog friendly park, we decided to bring our pup along. It was an easy enough hike for my eight year old. The trails were well marked and the choices were endless. We found the pond everyone was talking about. The downside was all the black bugs and all the horse droppings. Definitely watch your step. Other than that wonderful hike.

7 months ago

This park is my absolute favorite park to hike in. It is also great because you can take your dog with you. Love it!!

Good for exercising. Some of the hills are pretty steep and it's a good work out. This was my first time at this park and I personally don't care for it/wouldn't go back because I don't like to see homes and power lines when I hike. There are many areas throughout the hike that you see nothing but nature and it's beautiful, but then you turn a corner and hear the buzzing of the towers because they're so close.

The map was screwed up for my hike. I would be on the right trail but it would be outlining my route completely off the trail and then eventually go back in line, but this made it sort of tough to just follow the map. I kept thinking I was on the wrong trail and would turn around..

8 months ago

One of my local faves. Variety of trails makes for many combinations of different trail runs. Seems like too many trails for a newbie but once your familiar with it you realize there's always something new to keep your run fresh. The lower, easy trails have a lot of coverage. The harder trails are all out in the open which is the only drawback. Some of the moderate trails have portions that should be labeled hard and vice versa, e.g. Peralta Hills trail should be hard and Oak Trail moderate. Parking can be tough on weekends when they rent out the facilities for weddings and other events. $3weekdays/$5weekends

It was a lovely hike. Weekend entrance fee is $5. Otherwise lovely hike!

9 months ago

It was my first time every hiking here I absolutely loved it! There are so many awesome trails to hike, I look forward to coming back here again soon :)