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This trail was beautiful and rewarding! It was a bit confusing on some parts and I got lost twice! So definitely do your research. You take the North Fork the whole way there, the only confusion was how many junctions there are with no signs telling you which way to go. Once you reach the cabin you are halfway there. By time you reach 1st Lake, the others are close in proximity. This is an uphill hike the whole time with a lot of switchbacks, so plan ahead of time if you're a beginner. I did this trail in the winter so there was a lot of ice and a lot of snow, if you have trekking poles, I would bring them. I would rate this trail as moderate and perfect for a day hike, but also perfect scenery and spots for backpacking!

No place like Lundy Canyon.

Really satisfied with this hike, it totally exceeded my expectations. I got to the trailhead at 9am, which was perfect because I had it to myself until the hike out. Highly recommend this to anyone, it was a pretty short hike with amazing views.

Only a serious novice would find this challenging due to well placed switchbacks and gentle grade. Trail provides good views of the valley and of Crystal Crag. With snow on the ground you rely on tread from previous hikers, but the trail is decently used so we didn't have trouble navigating. Starts with full sun exposure then heads into the trees before being exposed again near the peak.
Excellent hike with a dog that likes to run and explore.
Nov 24/2016.

Amazing hike with 360' views!

Amazing. Totally recharged my internal battery

I'm planning to do this magnificent tour to Mt. Whitney this summer with my friend... But we failed to get permit for this, and this site says this... "For day hikes you can self register at the trailhead sign in station." Anyone please let me know if we can hike for just one day, can we still just do "self register" at the station?

Beautiful hike to a gorgeous waterfall and onto Fern Lake. We took our 5 and 7 year olds on this hike. It was tough but worth it!

Moderately challenging hike for novices but with plenty of overlooks to stop at. And the payoff at the end is so worth it. The lake surrounded by mountains lets you forget about whatever world you left at the base. If there is snow on the ground be prepared for slippery parts.

1 month ago

Easy hike but unbelievable scenery and views. Well worth the trip up the mountain!

walked all the way around the lake it was gorgeous

1 month ago

Great fishing for big German brown trout.

Hard but fulfilling