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Keep going past Agnew lake if you're going to do this trail!

4 days ago

amazing views from the top climbed to the top when I hiked the PCT July 2016

the views of banner Peak were incredible we hiked all the way to Island pass Thousand Island Lake what a beauty

So beautiful the whole way! Lots of waterfalls and beaver dams. Took my 63 year old parents who are not avid hikers and they did great (with rests of course).

What a beautiful hike! I did this one on October 6th. The rangers warned of high wind and snow, but it was actually low wind and 60 degrees/sunny when I got to the top! So pretty. Views on views on views.

I did the single day hike and it was very obtainable. If you are in good shape, you will be able to day hike it no problem. I started at about 8am, hit summit around noon, and was down just after 3.

~7 hours total. I'm pretty fast, but not a racer.

Again, so pretty. Definitely do this one! I bet everyone who complained about it being super hard wasn't prepared - I saw a lot of that on the trail.

Check out my photos of the trip on Instagram: ahaler1

10 days ago

Although I often refer to my walks as hikes, this one really should be considered a walk. It is stunningly beautiful anytime of year, the fall might be my favorite time to be here. The mountain rises 3000' above the base of the lake, it should be seen in person as pictures don't do it justice. According to the Convict Lake Resort, the loop trail is closer to 3 miles.

This is one of my annual hikes, I absolutely love this hike. You can make it as long or short as you like; although not huge elevation gains it is the highest improved hiking trail in California starting around 10,250' and makes the hike slightly more difficult. The drive to the starting point is an amazing place to see fall colors in early to mid October.

11 days ago

Once you get up past the first falls, it's not long until you see the stunning massif of the Temple Crag begin to rise over the ridge you're about to climb. It's a good climb, but once you get to Lake 1, the rest come along in short order. Definitely one of the busier trails you'll find, especially with guide companies that will pack up a big group to the lower lakes on horses for some glamping, but it's easy to find a slice of solitude with the amount of options for campsites around all of the lakes. The Temple Crag truly must be seen to be appreciated. The photos are beautiful, but the only response I could muster while standing in it's shadow was, 'Wow'. Also had fun watching a maniac who had climbed the thing descending in the dark by the light of their headlamp, a wonderful reminder that I will always be a little boy among men. We took a day hike, hoping to make it to the Palisade Glacier via the Sam Mack Meadow, but the loose scree and boulders on the way up forced us to turn around. Definitely do a little more research into the best route beforehand, freestyling like we did is not advisable (even with the help of some questionable, if well intentioned, cairns). As a tip, the trail quota was booked for Big Pine Lakes on our trip dates, but after speaking with a ranger, we were able to pull a permit for Baker Lake, and were told we were welcome to make camp anywhere in the general area accessible via the trailhead. Enjoy, and happy adventuring!

really beautiful!! This was an easy and crazy pretty hike. We also hiked around the lake --the far end of the lake was a little interesting to work through, not many people go up there, so the trail is really thin, you kind of push through branches, but the beginning and end of the circle was awesome.

off road driving
14 days ago

Always a blast out here with the boyfriend and our kiddos. We tend to always go back and take off on a new dirt road each time.

15 days ago

Meysan lake is harsh, stark, and beautiful. The last 2 miles of the hike are much more strenuous than the first half. Using a GPS is a must, as the trail does not exist between Camp lake and Meysan Lake, and we had to rely on cairns and our topo maps to get to Meysan. Most of the lakes are completely dried up now (not sure if this is the drought or because we did this very late in the season, first weekend of October) but Meysan lake still has plenty of water. When we arrived, it was a sparkling deep turquoise, and the towering peaks surrounding it looks otherworldly.

Very doable as a day hike. Took us about 6 hours total, but I would budget at least 7 so that you can spend more time at the lake.

it was my first real hike i made past long lake it was a very good hiking experience i loved it

this was the most beautiful sight you could see in the fall so many beautiful colors of the trees and leaves and I was a little bit harder but not bad I'm new at hiking and I was able to do it