Not a very easy trail. pretty steep in some parts. Good excerise though, and a great feeling of accomplishment.

11 days ago

Very easy hike beside the hill up lol but it was very nice view and nice to just chile for a bit

love it . Had so much fun with my girl Rosie

Fun little hike

23 days ago

Pretty short trail but it was tougher than I expected. Not difficult for adults but there were some steep parts that made it challenging for my toddlers. My 4 Yr old was able to manage but we had to carry the 2 Yr old. Overall we enjoyed this trail and the kids got a big kick out of seeing this giant rock painted like a pumpkin.

Great climb up. A little slippery on the way down. Great view from up there.

I've written a review before on this location but since we can't edit them, decided to add some add'l information.

Yes the joy of this Hike is getting to the Top and taking pics with the Big Pumpkin. But either before you leave or before you get started go take some pics of the horses. I missed this the first time out and didn't see it in any reviews.

When you get to the Trail head walk the trail that's to the left along the Fence. That is a quick quarter of a mile or so to get to the horses..... then so visit the Pumpkin.


And although people say this is an easy Trail. It's not. The incline can get brutal. So take your time. And definitely wear shoes with traction.

2 months ago

there is no shade.
but it is breezy up there.
it is very clear to find trail.

3 months ago

Fun and easy hike! fun for the kids too! I saw lots of families there and since I went the day before Halloween it was popping off!

on Pumpkin Rock Trail

3 months ago

Finally made it to Pumpkin Rock and got to do it on Halloween. Tons of Parking, which was nice. There are several trail heads to take depending on how long or how steep you want your incline to be. Definitely a cool place to bring your kids.

3 months ago

Fun place to visit around Halloween time. Make sure youre wearing closed toed shoes and keep an eye on kids, lots of broken glass around. Graffiti is fun to see but not exactly PG-13. Wouldn't want to be there after dark! It was a very easy and mellow hike however, very enjoyable. It did smell like cow poop though, phewy. Went the day before Halloween and the weather was awesome, cool and crisp. Nice views of Norco.

3 months ago

Since we thought it might be busy to hike it near Halloween, we decided to go the day after Halloween. I woke up a little late, so we opted for the shorter route (~1mi) in order to get to work that day.

Hike was a little challenging but wasn't bad; mainly inclines on the way up but definitely worth it at the top. For the 1mi route, I would have classified it a moderate difficulty, but since it was short.. I suppose I can understand why people would say it easy. All in all, great short workout and photo op!

I believe they use this trail to build horse's stamina, so be aware the trail has loose gravel and is sandy.