Be ready for a good workout. View is stunning

Love it. Low traffic, challenging trail with a great outlook. Make sure you go to the outlook though ... we got lost and looped around. Should have used AllTrails...

2 months ago

worth the effort !!! date day hike with the husband !

had a great date day hike with the husband here. it had some tough spots but in all a great hike !!

This is a full on workout for this out of shape hiker. But a great family day with my wife and two of my four kids. Plenty to see and the trail is pretty well marked.

Great hike! Steep, but worth the climb to gunsight rock!!! Beautiful views.

Decent day hike, definitely recommend going all the way to the gun site overlook, great views of the valley.

Challenging hike for me, I'm 67,but well worth the effort. Wonderful views.

great exercise. there are deer and mountain lions. I don't have much survival instincts so I wasn't very prepared for seeing mountain lions. I wish I would have known there were some in the area so i could research and be better prepared. i went on the goodspeed trail and saw it within the first mile. Be prepared yall. also, It was over 90° & it was pretty rough. I would suggest going in that heat.

Good exercise and dogs are allowed but not my favorite of Hood Mountain

Have done many hikes at Hood Mt, favorites are gunsight rock and grandmother oak on to Red Hill

The majority of this trail is a steep ascent through heavy forest with no views. It's not particularly enjoyable as larger parts are just fire road. The old homestead meadow is a nice break spot. The gem is that view from Gunsight. The extension from the summit of Mount Hood (which is treed and has no views) out to Gunsight is rocky and tricky in spots. It's well worth it though for the view.

I'm a regular trail runner and I did this trail on a relatively moderate temp day. It was too hard to actually run up. There is a lot of trail mixing with road at first. Once you get about 2 miles up, it's a lot of nice wooded trails and much easier to run.