Located in the Puente Hills, and managed by the Puente Hills Habitat Preservation Authority, Hellman Park offers trails into some of the most beautiful habitat in the area. Hike the trails on either side of the reservoir. Both trails are very aerobic up the mountainside taking you on a loop trail to the ridgeline overlooking Sycamore Canyon, a beautiful view. Along the way you will see a large collection of California brittlebush, a Sunflower family member with large yellow flowers in the spring. On a good day Catalina Island and downtown Los Angeles are observable.

love this hike! If you like some elevation this hike gets it done! You hike uphill for about 40 minutes and then options are endless, you can hike to the water tower or trekk around and back down if you choose. Only complaint is the trails are not marked.

4 days ago

Took like a 3 hour hike. Got lost but on purpose. Definitely a great hiking experience. Can't wait to return

Second time on this trail 8 miles. Absolutely love it. any tips for NOT getting lost? Hard to stay on trail.

11 days ago

Great hike. The uphill is a beast, but feels great once you've conquered it.

12 days ago

my local trails,

it was hard but worth it , I'm do it again

14 days ago

Awesome! accelerating. difficult to get parking. I don't mind sharing the trail with doggies,but come on people, if you leave your dog's crap in a bag is not any better.

15 days ago

It's kind of hard to walk all the up and downs ! But after you do it you will feel soooo good!!! My recommendation --- start the earliest that you can !!

Fun trail

Good hike, great got bikes as well.

29 days ago

hellmen is a wonderful hike if you want something challenging and you can handle no shade. it's best to go really early in the morning, it gets very hot throughout the day. my dog comes with me and he loves it!

1 month ago

Relatively easy one, slopes are not so deep. Better go in early morning to avoid noon heat. Unfortunately the return loop back trail is closed.

trail running
1 month ago

This is a great challenge for those feel like doing a trail run. Picturesque, clean, amazing views when you get to the top!

1 month ago