Some uphill trails are difficult. The scenery and area are beautiful.

$7.00 fee to park

Ridge-Panorama trail
Gradual incline going up on paved Ridge Trail. Coming down Panorama Trail terrible idea. Extremely steep. I am never doing that again.

8 months ago

trail running
1 year ago

Have been going for years out here. Just watch for ticks. People are supposed to have their dogs on leash and sadly some don't and do not pick up after their pets. Will find dog bags along side the trails. All of the trails are fairly easy but the one right out of the parking lot on the "paying" side- killer if you are not into quick elevations. Restrooms are always clean. Weekdays are perfect time to head out and even try your luck fishing at the pond with the kiddos.

cross country skiing
1 year ago

It's was a beautiful day and a fun hike

Pretty easy hike. A lot of people.

There are quite a few fun geocaches in the park, with nice trails to hike. Just be careful of the abundance of Poison Oak.

A really beautiful and easy place to go if you want to do more than just a basic walk, but aren't up to a full blown hike. Lots of little trails branch off making it easily modified to be shorter or longer. It also is a great place for a picnic lunch as it has many benches with beautiful views