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Griffith Park is one of the largest urban parks in all of North America, and the second-largest city park in California. The area is famous for its Hollywood sign and Griffith Observatory, and for its spectacular views of downtown Los Angeles. There are many hiking trails in the area for all types of hikers.

Awesome hike! I've been here 3 times

It's nice view of the west side of Los Angeles.

trail running
15 days ago

The old zoo was fantastic ! We had a surprise in one of our pictures around 9 pm.... A face appeared in a picture that we took!! Also up above the enclosures there is a lone cage... Something bad must have happened there because just in that area... The temperature dropped and the hairs on my neck and arms were on edge... I also had the sensation of spider webs brushing across my face... There was no trees in that area for spider webs... I've often heard that spider web sensation with out actual spider webs are usually an indication that there is a spirit around you or touching you.... That was the grand finally after being stalked in the mountains buy what sounded to me Like a big cat... The growls were very prominent.

mountain biking
16 days ago

I loved this route. I was able to ride my bike the loop twice! I will be revisiting this trail again.

Very simple and easy. Nice picnic tables before the trail. Great view of the Hollywood sign.

Great hike! World recommend going early in the morning because later in the day it gets very hot and the trail is not shaded

Fun and scenic views of the Hollywood sign. Super short but a great little warm up mini hike.

23 days ago

The trail can be as long or as short as you want it to be, as easy or strenuous as you want it to be. However, the pay off is high. I have been on so many trails, and this one is definitely in the top three. The animal cages would not be the same, or near is neat, if it didn't have all of the graffiti. Great place to take pictures; minus the smell.

Not really I hike, but a really pretty stroll with great opportunities for pictures. A nice start to a trail that leads up to the observatory.

28 days ago

This is a fairly easy hike. It does not have much of an incline and what incline there is, is quite gradual. We parked over in the parking lot by the carousel and the golf clubhouse. There is a trailhead that starts there and takes you to the park where the old zoo is located. From there you can continue on the trail. We stopped taking this trail and head up to bee point. It looked more interesting then the rest of the old zoo trail. The old zoo itself is quite small and has been turned into a park. This hike would be a good hike for children. There is an actual park with grass for them to run around on. Also, they can explore some of the old exhibits. Bee point was pretty cool. Worth the trek up. The trail was a bit steep at points. Heading up to bee point, I would say is a moderate level hike for most casual hikers. It was overcast so the views were so so. But on a clear day, it would offer some excellent views of the valley. Happy trekking!

trail running
29 days ago

My friend just recently showed me this hike and I ended up back again two more times that week! It is a great workout because the whole first leg up is uphill til the Observatory. On the way down, I branched off to the right at the 0.6 mark and come down that part of the trail because it is easier on my knees. If you want to make the workout a little more challenging then, turn around and head up again.. you will feel so accomplished with those 4 miles and might be inspired to head up a third time?!

This is a nice leisure hike for beginners. It's about 2.5 miles with very little incline. It's a paved road. Good places to take pics and even pack a lunch.

Go to Griffith Park via Crystal Springs Drive. Look for the signs where it says Carousel parking. Right above the parking lot you see the the trail. To get to the Zoo, take the trail on the right or that looks straight. And stay towards the right. When you walk around the top of the trail he will start to see the cages and enclosements. Some of the structures have cool graffiti, so don't be afraid to climb, walk, or go inside them.

The end of the trail leaves you at the Bear enclosures, which is on the way toward the left of the parking. So you can decide to park closer to the end of the trail. and be closer to your car when your done. Or just walk back to your car across the parking lot.

1 month ago