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Griffith Park is one of the largest urban parks in all of North America, and the second-largest city park in California. The area is famous for its Hollywood sign and Griffith Observatory, and for its spectacular views of downtown Los Angeles. There are many hiking trails in the area for all types of hikers.

Easy hike up to the observatory

A great paved loop around Lake Hollywood. Great views all around. There's a "rustic" drinking fountain on the south side of the trail if you forget to bring your own water. Parking is usually decent, but some local residents whip around the corners really fast, so be cautious of the traffic.

Great change of intensity and awesome views!!

The best way to get closer to the Hollywood sign.
Do not forget to apply sunscreen if you are hiking on a hot sunny day.

Moderate is a good word for the short, steep South side of the loop from Wonder View. But I took the loop clockwise from Wonder View, missed the "trail" heading back South to the top (looks like a small rockslide) and after 50 years of hiking all kinds of trails, "moderate" does not do justice to the very steep, rocky, sandy, rutted ridgeline over Warner Bros. lot. Views to the North were spectacular along the way, and it felt good when I got to the Wisdom Tree. I don't recommend the North side of the loop unless you're looking for more than "moderate". At 61 years I'm in pretty decent shape and was checking out the trail so I know how to take my friend to the Wisdom Tree. He and I are both recovering from traumatic brain injuries. Now I know which way to take him!

The trail is not marked very well so make sure your phone is fully charged and use the trail app. We got somewhat lost. We took the trail up to Mmt Hollywood and then to the Observatory. Out total trek was 8.6.

Offers a little bit of everything from views to steep inclines to the hidden garden.

Its a short hike and once you reach the top, the view is all worth it! You'll be able to see Lake Hollywood Reservoir from there. You can write anything and leave mementos at the Wisdom Tree. A lot of sight seeing at the top. So beautiful.

Good hike. Not steep, but steady. Ends up right behind the Hollywood Sign. I went at night, I've heard this trail gets busy during the day - but we didn't see anyone else there..I'm pretty sure it was closed, but on a hear night you can see all of Hollywood on one side, and Burbank/valley on the other. Nice little bench and a radio tower at the top.

Great hike! I'd say upper moderate range. This map of the trail is outdated and leads you to fenced off trails under construction and shortcuts that take you off the trail and are unnecessary. Please update the map.