Great views!! This is an ideal trail if you don't want to hike Mt Baldy in the winter.

We loved it weather was amazing

trail running
18 days ago

Great for running!

2 months ago

Very hard trail, but have a beautiful view worth it. Remember I always bring extra water.

Beautiful and narrow roads.... My favorite is in Fall

Took this on the way back from poop out trail, not difficult at all.

Great views and nice workout.

I went just before sunset and the view was absolutely beautiful!! Difficult to go down Poop out trail if you don't have the proper shoes. This trail was perfect since I didn't have have much time before it got dark.

1 year ago

Difficult trails if you look for good work out...this is it. We enjoyed it but not for kids. Too steep some area.

It was a good hike. I kept going until I hit Garcia trail and made it to the cross. It was about 3.8 miles one way.

Went all the way out, up, and down poop out trail loved it. Great quick workout

1 year ago

Steep! Good workout if you're short on time. Up and back is 2.6 miles. Alternate route back via the more gradual Lower Monroe Trail (turn left downhill when you reach the top, then a left at each of two roads when you reach the bottom) makes it a 4.5 mile loop.

cross country skiing
1 year ago

Challenging and fun. Good workout. Highly recommend trekking poles for the descent.

I enjoyed climbing very much, but coming back down was just too difficult for today. Very dry and sandy terrain. I kept sliding down because the Earth would slide beneath my footing. Going up was an awesome challenge for me. We went up and came back down the same way. I did not see any other trails. Dont recommend taking little ones. The Dam Trail is better if you was easy stroll

This is a great workout/hike. Starts out with a huge incline and doesn't let up. There are lots of other trails along the way for other adventures. I ended up exiting through the poop out trail. That one is ridiculous!

2 years ago

I followed the directions the All Trails app gave coming from Route 66 & Lonehill. Soon after you turn right onto Big Dalton Canyon Rd., you'll see 2 wooden poles on your left that say Mystic Canyon Trail & Big Dalton Canyon Trail. Right across the street from those poles is free parking. Trail is very steep at times & has a lot of rocks so you can't really run much but overall nice trail & worth doing!

I hiked this road a couple of time but it has been closed since Colby Fire.