Very enjoyable walking beside horses, stream and lake.

3 months ago

So nice I dont want to let anyone else to know about it.

waste of a trip. there Computer down , did not know I had to pay !*

the hike was nice and flat and partly shaded which was great on a warm day. There are no signs so its easy to go the wrong way. Part of the walk is thru a regular park and parking lot..... felt more like a stroll in the park then an actual hike

We hiked the trail with the kids; it was great for them! Easy, shaded, beach access to the water, has picnic areas & playscape. Very beautiful, quiet & lots of wildlife. We ran into a peacock, horses & lots of squirrels. Gorgeous man-made water hole near the park area. This was a great outing for our family!

Nice until you miss the unmarked turn and end up in homeless camp.

Beautiful trail

This is an awesome trail, but we missed the "Don't pet the horses" sign.

Its kids and stroller friendly.
We will be back.

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9 months ago

Loved seeing the horses but wasn't a fan of seeing the homeless population.

trail running
2 years ago

I come here very often, and I always enjoy the walk/run around there. It is mostly shaded, perfect for summer.

Found this trail in the Sacramento Top Trails book. We tried to follow the instructions but lost the perimeter trail at near the road. My bad. I should have read the instructions more closely but we did fine. We hiked 75% of the trail the author identified. Nice area to visit in the spring when everything is green, especially the area near Dry Creek. Plenty of parking and lots of area for picnics.

2 years ago

It's OK, there lots of forks leading to the creek (dry creek). Every time I've gone there I've seen at least one homeless person.

Very Goooood ! Really Fun :)