Hold on to your hat. Fort Funston features 200 foot high sandy bluffs on San Francisco

As far as urban hikes go this is a great stretch. Easy to add the lake loop and in the summer a non fire on the beach is awesome.

As others have said, more akin to walking down the street on the sidewalk than walking around a lake on a path. would be a good biking path for little kids, though.

2 months ago

nice and full of dogs

beautiful and super dog friendly

Dog heaven !

Risky for the dogs near the cliffs, one fell off the day we were there. Beach is a challenge to get to from the trails but it was breathtakingly beautiful. Totally worth the time.

dogs suck

7 months ago

Lots of traffic especially east side. Cut through Harding golf course for a breath of fresh air

A heaven for dog! Desert alike hiking trails and a pretty beach. Easy accessible by bus even.

8 months ago

It's a nice paved road circuit, but too many cars do go by here since it's right next to the main Streets and highway. the noise here is so loud that it gets you to the point where you wish you could find a place that was quiet. bring earphones to drown out the noise. Definitely safe to do it considering you don't need to cross the street in oncoming traffic.

People that allow their dogs of leash still need to respect when someone has their dog on leash and I don't want every dog coming near my dog. I'm not going there again.

road biking
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10 months ago

Fort Funston is wonderful if you're a dog owner! The walk down to the beach can be steep, but the walk along the beach is easy and beautiful. On windy days, you can watch hang gliders, too. There are little lights after dusk so make sure to bring a flashlight if you come late - it can be difficult to find the trail back up to the parking lot!

on Fort Funston Trail

1 year ago

Super fun beach for well behaved dogs and their people. Beautiful and vast majority of people are great about cleaning up after their dogs.

If you walk north on the beach, you may see a fun rustic living beach museum which is crafted into the wall by random folks to which you can add found objects.

Best place ever for dog owners. Lots of room for
your pup to run and play and socialize. You can stay on the trails up top or go down to the beach. Basically a large natural dog park :) If you don't want to be around dogs, don't go here. There is always a lot.

Favorite place to take my pup.

Love this place, great trail to bring dogs and go on a walk! You can walk along the cliffs or on the beach. Very beautiful.