Easy and beautiful trail. I enjoy it most towards sunset in early summer. The initial climb to Vista Point is steep with loose rocks. I usually prefer using the other side of Vista Point Trail if I'm running.

Only 3 minutes drive from the house. Fun to walk with the kiddo and a great place to take kids fishing! Can get crowed though.

Really nice with lakes for the dogs to cool off

mountain biking
1 year ago

It's a fun little loop to ride your mountain bike.

Nice moderate hike for most skill levels. Beautiful views from the Alta Vista trail. Dogs allowed on leash.

Nice trails. Great for family hikes. For a more challenging hike take the Alta Vista trail. Dogs are welcome on leash.

Nice quick evening hike after work.

A number of trails loop through this 210-acre regional/county park. Oak, madrone and buckeye trees cover the small hills in green during spring and summer and add a small splash of color in the autumn. The soil looks pale, like adobe clay, but very rocky with obsidian and chert from the nearby Maacama mountains. The southern edge of the park is bordered by residential subdivisions. Vantage points from some of the hill tops give nice views over the town. The trails are well designed and maintained. You can hike for hours without retracing your steps.

Easy hike, good for new hikers who haven't hiked much. Can be a little warm depending on the time of year.

nice trail, well kept, mild-moderate difficulty.