Great trail for running

1 year ago

easy enough trail for mtb-ing makes for a fun little warm up before taking the much harder coal canyon fire trail to the right.
fyi,for those who cant find the trail or have posted their ride on the golf course side of the 91 you're on the wrong side. if your at the green river bike trail go west go under freeway left at coal canyon, go through gate and follow trail. if you take the fire road you are on the wrong trail.

cross country skiing
1 year ago

There is not trail, drove out here to walk on a golf course.

mountain biking
1 year ago

It was fun

on Scully Ridge Trail

1 year ago

No trail, but hard to get lost as ur walking in the wash. Waterfall ws dry! Mayb nxt time aftr a big rain storm.

not much of a waterfall, but nice, quite, and pretty.

This shit is bull shit! There is fucking nothing but a golf course here

2 years ago

This is a nice little hike up the middle of Coal Canyon. The final half of this hike is basically trekking up a mostly dry stream bed. We went immediately after a pretty heavy rain storm so towards the back of the canyon, the falls were actually running, but we noticed there was significantly diminished water flow by the time we left, so if you do this hike to see the falls, be sure to go right after it rains. The Canyon itself was surprisingly quiet and peaceful, especially so when you consider it's proximity to a major freeway.

A small, hidden, box canyon waterfall right off the side of the 91 freeeway at the “Offramp to Nowhere” in Coal Canyon. (Date hiked: April 2, 2011 and April 26, 2009.) Read the full write-up at:

Headed up this way after work. Have not been into this area before so I took the mountain bike up the road into the canyon proper (as there are 3 options: a road leading up to a ridge on the west rim of the canyon, a road leading up the east side of the canyon and the road down the center of the canyon) and ended up at the reserve boundary marker. From here, I carried the bike a few hundred yards up the creek and stashed it. From here I headed up hiking up the dry creek bed and took off up a side canyon to a small cliff. After bushwacking up the side canyon I decided it was time to go, so havent made it up to the narrows yet. Definitely a cool area that warrants a bit more exploring. I think I'll wait a few months as I imagine it would be quite a bit more interesting with some water.