Linear Bike Trail meanders throughout the city to Solano Community College. It provides a safe pedestrian and bicycle path for residents to travel.

its fun i could stay all day!!!! this is one of the easier trails. im not to sure why its a moderate rating. i live in fairfield. a little secret for you this trail is a main way for me to get through the town of fairfield....

road biking
1 year ago

I am debating between 2 and 3 stars for this. Its a good trail for just getting through town. However, most of it is poorly maintained, it passes a lot of streets that require you to wait for the light at the crosswalk to cross. It is safe enough but passes through some sketchy parts of town and there are several fields that are abandoned and riddled with trash. It is riddled with thorns at certain parts and I've gotten a flat twice. This is not a good workout trail. Again, this is a great trail for commuting though. The part between the interstate and Solano Community College however, is a much nice section than the rest. It has almost no road crossings and has better views.

This is a nice leisure ride or walk. I rode it just to check it out. It passes by the cemetery. Other than that it is not difficult at all and just a good way to cut some of your walking time when moving around Fairfield on foot but who does that any more, right?