Good hike
Tiring but when you reach the top it's nice and peaceful

Great hike. Its all incline so be ready. When you reach the top to scenery is beautiful and peaceful. This is a hike everyone must do.

10 days ago

it was awesome..tiring but we'll worth it

Hike is short and straightforward, following the wide trail up. There are not a lot of trees on the hike up, I prefer going earlier in the morning to avoid the heat on the way up. The small waterfalls and the creek are beautiful and a nice reward once you reach the top. I've explored going further up the creek and there is another trail, but I do not think it is well tracked, but it is fun to wander into!
Also there is a lot of trash I usually fill up a bag of trash that people discard on the way up, let's all try to keep our trails clean!

the hike gives you a very good work out. But it's best to go early in the morning because the heat wheres you out. Beautiful scenery
at the top of the hike

the North Etiwanda Nature Preserve is my Home. I am up here at least once or twice a month and I absolutely love it I regret to say however that since the closing of saphire, all the pieces of shit that dirtied up the place have started trying to come here. the efforts of many have managed to keep it to a minimum , however there is still graffiti in some spots. trash luckily has been kept to a minimum thanks to efforts of myself and many other people who respect Mother earth. I love and respect this place as a FIRST home, please I beg of all of you to do the same. this Preserve houses so much history and beauty, and needs to be respected. hell, I'd be more than happy to provide tours

It was a great beginner trail. Expect to get your sweat on!

Had a great time. Will definitely be making this a regular location.

I've never hike before so this was great for me.

Nice trail and easy to handle. Wish there was more water in the creek but worth a hike. Got some nice drone footage and some photos. See photos in my profile. Also look up Wackoe films for highlight video of trail.

We had a nice morning hike 45 minutes up 30 minutes back. It is only 1.7 miles to the falls. I am not sure what is up past the falls.
Be careful leaning against trees near the falls. There were lots of spiders. They look like daddy long legs so probably not dangerous but it would definitely freak you out to bump a nest of 50.

love to do this as a quick trail. the loop feels easier than the waterfall.

Went here when I was a few months pregnant . I thought it was very easy. Foreground views and the water fall is smaller than I thought but still very beautiful the wildlife and waterfall are worth it