10 hours ago

A great hike for beginners and for those getting back into shape. Sweet scenery. Water was flowing with tons of water.

for being the first time to go it's pretty easy and would definitely do it again..my boys build a small pool or dame up there so hopefully next time we go it's still available for a little dip in the water

Very nice easy trail. A lot of people of all ages. Some graffiti. But beautiful views and water falls.

Nice wide path with a great view at the falls

Nice walk great views. Too much graffiti.

kick my ass

Hiked to the end of the trail and another mile up stream bush whacking. Didn't find much else too interesting but a good opportunity to get away from the crowds on the weekend if you're comfortable hopping back and forth across the creek.

10 days ago

this was a great hike! going up there are a lot of rocks. the pay off at the top with all,the different waterfalls was beautiful. this is a great so cal hike!

13 days ago

The hike was enjoyable and doable for a beginner hiker. The sad part was the trash along the way and tagging on rocks. Also, hikers will clearly see a sign at the entrance that states "no dogs allowed" but you will see quite a few of them. Make sure you watch your step as the dog owners will not bother picking up after their dogs :(

When me and my hubby go we take the scenic route, the one that loops around the trail...adds about 1.5miles. when you get to the waterfall its cool cause their lot of trees and a river that goes into the forrest. Probably can follow it up..

great experience, my kids love waterfall!

1 month ago

This was a great hike with a never ending incline to the falls. I loved this spot and went today since it rained all night and I knew the falls would look amazing! We took so many gtreat pictures. The hike is 4 miles and takes an hour and a half but if your not a regular hiker it might be a bit advanced. When parking take the gate entrance to your right after walking and running into the split road the left shows a hiker and the right a picnic table on the sign make sure you go right and follow the road to the falls.

It was a decent hike. the falls are very small this time of year. A few graffiti on the rocks by the falls diminished the sight. Right before you make it to the falls there is a big rock you can stand on that overlooks the area. best view on the entire hike.

The first tie we went we never made it to the falls. Got frustrated with the climb and gave up about half way. We took a side trail and had a nice level walk. The second time we went, we committed ourselves to get to the falls and we made it! It took about 2 hours to go up and back; with a little break at the falls to rest. It's quite an elevation climb if your not used to it. I recommend using a walking stick or trekking pole for light stability. Much of the trail is loose rock. Sunscreen is a must, not much shade until you get to the waterfall. We went early morning to beat the crowds and the heat of the day.

Great hike! The whole way to the waterfall is incline so it was difficult for me, but completely worth it! Will definitely hike this trail again!