Good trail for running. We took our dog and there was A LOT of horse feces didn't expect that much. The waterfall was not quite a water fall at this time of year more like a couple of droplets that you have to be quiet to hear.

Quick weekend trail near the city, with cool waterfall at the end. Easy.

1 month ago

I was expecting to see the waterfalls, but it's all dried out when I came! Overall, it's a great hike.

Pretty short once you get to the actual trail

Nice easy hike

1 month ago

Dog friendly. Nice and easy. Close to the beach for a double activity day.
You'll see the falls but no water. So I'm calling it Escondido Trail. Nothing

Really nice quick hike. No water in September when we went but there were some pretty ferns, nice shade, and fennel along the trail

There was no waterfall

2 months ago

Escondido Falls is ok,good if you have children or you're trying to get someone out or to break them in into hiking! It's heavily trafficked so you'll be seening plenty of people on the trail. The waterfalls nothing too crazy! But Fun!

Didn't like that parking is a bit far from the hike ..and no waterfall when I went !:(

Heavily trafficked and first mile of the hike is through a neighborhood.

The waterfall was dry. Best visited when there are recent rains

4 months ago

5 months ago

Super fun!!

6 months ago

Would love to see more water at the falls... Still too dry for big falls but a nice shady trail with lots of green and picturesque spots.

6 months ago

If you are coming for the waterfall or a workout, you will be disappointed. A portion of the hike is on a paved road, then you climb down into a pretty well shaded area until you get to the "waterfall". It is not a bad hike for kids - only one challenging steep hill, and the hike back is on a gradual incline, but not serious. Be careful though - some people were trying to climb down an area to the immediate right of the waterfall. I was able to yell for my kids (who were climbing up it at the time) to watch out right before a very large rock came rolling down. My one daughter ducked it and my other moved her leg up before it almost took out her knee...

Boring. The whole trail was flat and the stream and waterfall is dried up.