14 days ago

My kids and I enjoyed the hike. We went a couple of days after it rained and managed to see a tiny trickle at the waterfall area. Even without much water, it is a beautiful stroll. As mentioned by others the first part of the "hike" is along a paved street lined with beautiful homes. The view of the ocean from this part of the hike is beautiful. Once you get to the unpaved trail you are surrounded by beautiful trees, bushes, and grasses on a mostly shaded walk to the spot where the falls once existed.

Decent neighborhood out and back running trail. If you are in the area its worth the runabout...

Oddly popular for a Malibu trail with no views. No falls even after the rain - just a mucky damp rock. Lots of people and the first half of the short hike is through a neighborhood and cars. Solstice is way better.

Quick easy and beautiful

Good trail for running. We took our dog and there was A LOT of horse feces didn't expect that much. The waterfall was not quite a water fall at this time of year more like a couple of droplets that you have to be quiet to hear.

3 months ago

Quick weekend trail near the city, with cool waterfall at the end. Easy.

4 months ago

4 months ago

I was expecting to see the waterfalls, but it's all dried out when I came! Overall, it's a great hike.