nice decent walk.

not sure why this says open October through May, it's open year round.
Also, the very end of this trail is not really a trail anymore and is extremely difficult to get down. it's very steep and rocky but also sandy so we were slipping the whole way. we learned this the hard way. Google maps correctly shows that this section of trail is no longer there/maintained but all trails doesn't. will definitely go back for the views and the pond but will need to alter how we get out of the park because the way all trails guides you is dangerous!

easy trail and nice views.

A simple and exposed hike with solid views of DTLA and a nice pond at the top. Great as an early morning or late afternoon hike.

We love this place !!! The pond is great too!!!

Love it so peaceful and not many people!

My fave trail for years. I like to jog a few laps at the top, love the lake and view of downtown. I would definitely bring a buddy as there has been a lot of sketchy things happening around this area lately.

had hike here before, first time I saw lake. was nice

Has some inclined, beautiful lake when you reach the top.

Love the loopy ups and downs.

Video review :)

I like making it up to that little pond up top

I personally love this trail friendly people always..good scenery has picnic area ..many routes to go through..and not diffucult at all

3 years ago

This was the 3rd time I’ve tackled the trails at this park. On my 2nd visit, about a year ago, I thought I was going to be attacked by an eagle/hawk, as it flew out of a tree and flew right in front of me, not a foot from my face. It landed right in front of my foot and grabbed a mole or mouse in the vegetation on the edge of the trail, turned around and flew away. Almost had a heart attack! Weird hike!

This is a good hike for beginners who want some exercise and are still trying to gain some confidence in the great outdoors. Start at the Audubon Center, pick up a free map, and then tackle the scrub jay/city view/ loop. The lake on the top is a nice rest stop and the kids will enjoy looking for turtles and watching some people try their luck fishing. 5.1 out of 10.

Ok hopefully this does not show up twice. First time didn't look like it saved. Anyway, nice hiking trails at Ernest Debs Park in Los Angeles. Started near the Audubon Center parking lot. Headed north to the closed gate, and did the loop near the top of the park. Sidetracked to a small lake. Good trails for runners and dogs too

Not a bad loop hike in town. Good views, moderately strenuous and nice trail quality. I liked that it looped around the hill to get several different views. If you can't get out of the city but want a taste of the woods, it's a good alternative.

A good alternative hike..if you don't feel like heading up to the mountains..there is a pond at the top..and you can follow the road around the hill..there are pine trees at the bottom part right before it opens up into a large picnic area..there is a park beyond the picnic area that people who have dogs that aren't very social like to take walks b/c its usually empty. If you're looking for a more interesting hike this one probably isn't for you..the pond is nice..the trail is wide but its not a very amazing hike.