Elysian Park is the name of a municipal park and the adjacent neighborhood in Central Los Angeles, California. The park encompasses Chavez Ravine, where Dodger Stadium is located.

I had never been on this trail and it was pretty cool. It offers a different perspective of the city- views of the 5, the LA River and beyond that are interesting! Depending on which way you go, you could get a pretty intense uphill workout. Parts of the trail are really beautiful. It's pretty easy. The only part I didn't like was having to walk along the road for part of it- especially since I had my baby and my dog. It didn't feel very safe with the cars driving by!

4 months ago

Great views of LA

I call it Silver Trails. A nice, casual, golden hour hike, above the 5 freeway. A quiet, winding dirt trail with magical lighting, views and energy all around. Perfect for those in need of a long walk.


7 months ago

Gorgeous views but not much to see along the trail itself.

THIS TRAIL IS GREAT. you can go one of two ways at the beginning... and the views rule. super serene looking down like a fudile lord on the freeway

We went on the full 6 mile path all the way around the park, down to dodger stadium and to the reservoir and so on. Some nice views, but not the prettiest trail. Many nicer ones in Griffith Park.

If entering this trail from the trailhead at Stadium way, this trail actually ends up being about 2.7 miles. A great trail for running, walking ect..

This is one of the more peaceful and easy hikes I've done in LA. The views are expansive and it's lush green all around. The trees framing the sides of the trail at some points give a beautiful backdrop. There's also a great view of downtown LA about a quarter of the way into the loop.

love the shooting range at the police academy. great view of the city from behind nice looking south at LA instead of always looking north. careful of young drunk cholos!! trying to be blood in blood out hahahah!!