One of best parks in San Diego County

loved this hike

Challenging if you're out of shape and it's hot out! ;-) absolutely gorgeous! Lots to see!

great hike. not alot of shade. 9.5 miles adding the overlook trail and the equine incline trails.

It was a nice trail with a gradual incline. Nice view throughout the trail

We started from the Del Dios highway side.. still 6 miles lots of climbing..Fun hike, avoid hot days,it gets even hotter on trail. First mile is fun..

my favorite local hike

Fun hike with a nice breeze coming off the reservoir. Sadly I could here the sound of traffic coming up the valley from Escondido, but headphones fixed that.

I can't wait to tackle this hike again when I'm better equipped. And more knowledgable. I decided, after not looking at the map, to do the way up trail. After not hiking in over a year, my @$$ was handed to me. And I'm in decent shape. But the steepness definitely through me off. Make sure you bring enough water. Like, a lot. One large bottle for my dog and I was not enough. I ended up carrying her the last 15 minutes down the mountain. I found myself stopping frequently on this trail to catch my breath, blaming my dog as people walked by seeing me relaxing in the shade... "Oh she's just a puppy, she needs to catch her breath." Really, it was me. So bring your water. Really beautiful surroundings, can't wait to complete all of the hikes Elfin Forest has to offer!

One of my favorite trails! This trail is fairly narrow, and weekends are a mesh of hikers dodging mnt bikers, so I prefer to go during the week. It's 3miles up, and down, but at the top there are lots of others trails. I have turned this hike into an 8mi, but I'm sure you could make it even longer!

Definitely challenging esp in the summer heat but rewarding views of the reservoir and lake at the end. You take walk up trail to the lake hodges overlook trail. Bring lots of water! And be out of the park by 730pm!

Steep and hot but beautiful views at the top!

An all around good hike!

This trail was a great work out friendly people and interesting to walk through the botanical garden... Also if you take this way down you have to cross the little river to get back to the entrance it is fun!

Love this trail!

3 months ago

My boyfriend and I just moved near by, and we stopped in to check it out. It was amazing! The botanical loop trail is short but super sweet. Every where you look is nature and wildlife. The running creek is fun to cross and there's a little stone bench you may stop to relax and experience all of the lush landscape. I can't wait to go back when it's not 90° and experiemce the way up trail.

Trail was fun. Lots of rocks so be aware of how you place your feet. There isn't much shade up at the top, so earlier the better. Free parking was nice!