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17 days ago

It was a beautiful hike in the beginning, towards the bottom it got really steep. It was very hard to pass through during this time. We made it down to the creek but we were unclear of where to go next. It was very wet during this time, but if it were a little dryer we would of tried to go and find the waterfall. Hopefully next time we come back we will find it!

Easy hike. About 9 miles all the way around. Beautiful hike

This trail should be listed as easy.
More of a walk on the lakes edge.
Nice area but not much of a hike.
Continue to Emigrant Lake to make a hike out of it.

1 month ago

Great trail for a short out and back adventure. Fantastic views of Echo Lake and Tallac from the ridge and all but the last 400 feet are moderately easy. Started at the Sno-Park and at the avalanche sign, headed into the woods. We programmed the peak coordinates into the gps and just headed straight up through the trees. Easy Peasy! It had rained the day before, so the snow was very icy.

A great walk around the lake.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Went on this hike 3 days ago and it was great. We made it around the whole lake and got to walk on a little bit of snow on the east end. It was beautiful.

I hike this with my pups often. Some mountain bikers that you have to step aside for. Overall good footing, and we saw a river otter last week.

Great hike. Great views. Went in early October and the weather was perfect. The ridge line before the final push is really beautiful. A more scenic spot for a lunch is tough to find. The switch backs next to cliffs after you leave the ridge are beautiful as well. Snow patches an inch or two deep dotted the final ascent. Definitely a great hike. Tahoe is beautiful.

Nice day hike. Quiet and peaceful with lots of fallen leaves to cushion noise. Mixed oak and conifer woodland keep the hike interesting. Moderate rating is good although the last little bit by the creek is steep but short. No bugs this late in the season. Highly recommended.

1 month ago

Almost unbelievable that there are so many reviews for a little hike that is so remote. My wife and I did this about 10 years ago and never saw another person in midsummer. I left her sleeping on a rock and circled the lake. As I jumped off a large low granite rock into a small clear spot I almost got gored by a pretty big buck. He was laying down sleeping and I startled him and was just inches away from "feeling" him. Great little hike with a few spots to scramble. There really wasn't a trail around the lake at the time but it wasn't hard to navigate around. There were so few people doing the hike at the time we shared our lunch with a family of ducks that had no fear of us with the little ducklings sitting in our lap eating the bread from our sandwiches. A memorable day...

Awesome trail with great views of the mountains and Silver lake... You get a few peeks of Caples as well. One of my favorites for years with my boys,

2 months ago

incredible views. wonderful hike. dog friendly but be prepared for lots of sharp granite on the trails. wore out the pads on my dogs feet . he is an experienced hiker also...
this hike was one of the most beautiful I have been on in years and is exactly what you hoped to see in the Tahoe Basin. It does not disappoint.