28 days ago

Good hike! Caves are neat. The forks in the road are basically shade vs no shade options.

Wear pants and good shoes - you have to climb some rocks to get in the cave!

***dog info***
This one was exhausting for my dog! I had to carry her half way down one hill.

2 months ago

It was a fun hike, but it was a hot day!

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3 months ago

Awesome place to run but there are better suited trails for running here than this course but it's still a great workout with lots of views. You'll see plenty of lizards scrambling to get out of the way so I assume there probably are rattlers here as well although I haven't seen any. I've spent the past few days in this area going out on runs and it's fun exploring the different paths while getting some exercise and even though this location is 30 mins from home, it may become my default training camp.

Such a fun little hike! I had gone with my younger sister and we had a lot of fun, it is a pretty easy trail although it does get a little harder closer to the caves. It is a little hard finding the correct trails - there aren't any signs to help know where to go so we had to use this app. As two teenage girls, we had freaked out when we heard what we thought were bats when we were climbing into the cave but we continued going in and it turned out to just be pigeons. The climb into the cave is a little tricky, probably not the best for little children but it isn't anything too difficult. Overall for such a short hike it is a very fun one to go on - super recommended!


I love it...

Love it!

More of waking trail. Okay

Fun hike and cool cave. Hiked up out of cave and explored on top. Be ready to scrabble. Lots of fun.

It a short hike but going into the cave and e pelting it was fun. Not to hard to get up or to keep going on your hike.

6 months ago

Great! But could have missed the bat caves if you aren't with someone who knows where they are. Also found a swing on a tree off the beaten path.

It was beautiful .
Beautiful scenery

So special I almost don't want the say. It felt like we shouldn't be there except for in ceremony. Very sacred place. Bless it and please pick up your trash and be respectful.

This was an awesome, quick, easy hike! The initial trail is really easy to follow, but then it splits into a few potential trails; I basically made up my route as I went. But, it's all super open at that point, so you won't get lost easily. The caves were awesome & easy to get to. Nice views & dog friendly. Not crowded at all.

I took my 15 year old son and we had a blast exploring the caves and climbing rocks. Good exercise for the teens to enjoy with their parents.