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The hike is very easy, strolling on a decomposing roadway. There are interesting oak trees along the road side and in the fields. At the top of the hill, there is a locked gate, which restricts access to the second half of the hike. The land has been sold to a school, and they have classes on the land. Approximately two tens of a mile from the gate where you enter the roadway, there is the trailhead to eagle rock trail. Eagle rock trail is moderate trail, approximately seven tens of a mile long, and gains in elevation almost 340 feet. The view from the top of the trail, eagle rock, is well worth the hike. You look over Camp San Luis Obispo and Questa College. We hiked it early in the morning when the fog was shrouding the mountains above us which gave a very interesting look to the country side. When we reached eagle rock, the sun broke through giving us a wonderful view looking South to North. The hike because of its elevation gain, take about an hour to complete. The area is now owned and overseen by San Luis Obispo County, and they take very good care of the area. At the bottom of the hike, the county has a large park with outdoor play equipment for the kids, spots fields for the adults and an interesting art museum and botanical gardens.

4 years ago

An interesting trail but there are some problems. When I went, the last portion of the loop was gated and signed "Not Open To The Public". Still, it's an abandoned roadway, with old bridges. Turkeys, deer and other wildlife to see are plentiful