Welcome to Ed R. Levin County Park, one of Santa Clara County's most unique regional park and recreation areas. This 1,541-acre park combines the traditional features of an urban park such as picnicking, fishing and play areas, with the complex trail system of many regional wilderness parks. Ed Levin's expansive lawn areas make it an ideal spot for family outings, while the rolling grasslands and Oak woodlands are available to visitors looking for a back-to-nature experience. The park's Monument Peak provides a spectacular view of the valley floor and the San Francisco Bay. Enjoy your visit, and return often to enjoy the many unique aspects of Ed R. Levin County Park. Also featured at the park is an expansive off-leash dog park for large and small dogs alike! Owned and operated by the City of Milpitas this dog park is one of the most popular features in Ed Levin County Park. Dogs are also allowed on-leash in parking lots, picnic areas, and all trails north of Calaveras Road.

24 days ago

Great trail distance if you want to challenge yourself this hike can goes to Mission Peak and more. 30 miles easy. I were hiking with my kids 6 - 14 yrs yesterday spent over 8 hrs hiked to the monument peak summit and looked for East Bay Rock Wall. Great explore and we think we have solved the mystery behind the wall

27 days ago

Payment of $6 dollars due on entering the park but it's worth it. We did the Agua Caliente Trail and really enjoyed it. Great for beginners and dogs too. Views of the bay are amazing on a clear day. Light foot traffic and we had cell coverage the whole time which is good to have in case of an emergency. Watching the people paragliding was a bonus.


3 months ago

One of the best trails in bay area. Much less crowed even on weekends. Apart from great views of bay area we also saw several gliders and parasailing jumps :)

3 months ago

Challenging hike, bring water. Lots of great views and other trails to veer off to. There were very few people on a Sunday afternoon.

4 months ago

Less foot traffic than Mission Peak, so cows not as friendly but I have never had a problem with the creatures as I respect their territory. I pack in plenty of water, food, shelter (hat, scarf, jacket) hike over to Mission Peak. A little more shade than Mr, but main concern was moving along. Once you get away from dog park and pond, serene and peaceful with wind and critters - blue bellied lizards, snakes, spiders, soaring vultures etc

It was great!! Not busy at all nice place to hike.

Two of my friends and I did this hike on a hot summer day a couple days after Pokemon Go was released in the US.

The hike took us about 5 hours, but probably would've taken 3.5 if we hadn't stopped for lunch or every single Pokemon we encountered. There are about half a dozen pokestops along the way, 1 gym and a couple dozen pokemon. The internet connection with T-mobile is subpar, but sufficient enough to track the distance walked, enabling me to hatch a 10km egg. :)

The hike was simple, to the point, and enjoyable. It was fatiguing, but not killing. Short vertical stretches caused my calves and quads to burn, but it wasn't too difficult to power through. Most of the road was bare and completely exposed to the sun, but small forested sections were dispersed along the way to provide relief and a place to catch my breath. It's important to warn the reader that there is a significant amount of horse poop along the way, so it is very likely to be stepped on. On the bright side (no pun intended), the sun dries out the poop very quickly. The views were decent and nice, but not necessary breathtaking.

The hills look like humps on a giant being of some sort. The short golden grass creates a fuzz like appearance, and gives a sense the helms and sense of life. An interesting observation is that most of the trees lie in the troughs between the helms, and this is because that's where water naturally flows to when it rains. Not mind-boggling, but worth taking note of.

Overall, it is a pleasant, simple, short hike that is not too far from the city. If you have a free afternoon you'd like to spend outdoors, and are located somewhere in the bay area, do take this one into consideration.

4 months ago

Tough hike for summer. Start early and pack enough water. Definitely worth doing!!

5 months ago

Great hike and a good leg workout! Would suggest doing it in the winter, spring or fall lol nice breeze to start but gets very hot.

Fun, uncrowded hike. The descent down off of the top passes through cattle range, so watch out for cow poop. The descent is also very grassy, so make sure you've sprayed your exposed ankles with bug spray to keep the ticks - and by extension Limes Disease - away.

very nice good morning hike, nice scenery.

It's not as hard as mission peak but definitely gets your heart pumping at some parts with nice scenery to distract you at flatter areas

whitewater kayaking
7 months ago

no people, good time

8 months ago

This trail is closed, at least the Tularcitos trail end of it is close. Interestingly there was no notice or sign of any sought! My rating is for the Tularcitos trail for it's great views!