Over 80 miles of trails through scenic woodlands

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14 days ago

20 days ago

Great hike! This trail is part of the EBMUD watershed, so you will need a permit to hike here (or you need to be accompanied by someone with a permit). Make sure to sign in at the entrance.

There was a good bit of traffic along the trail. But by the time I reached the loop, the crowd had thinned out. Most of the people I saw beyond that point were part of a cross country team that was training.

There are some nice hills to climb and the trail is scenic. The western part of the loop is mostly shaded and the eastern part of the loop is hillier and not shaded. You don't really get as close to the reservoir as the map would make you think. The trail is high up from the water.

26 days ago

It was a great hike with great views and a good mixture of hills and flat terrain. It was slightly confusing at the start; you have to first go to the left and then you may chose to go left, having the harder part first, or right having the harder part come at the end. We made the mistake of first going right and ending up on a 0.7 mile loop. The trail was muddy which was not great but was manageable. Overall, good hike.

This is a great trail for immense variation and wildlife. I've seen reclusive, rare Wood Dicks, wild pigs, with piglets, many coyotes, hawks and owls. One good thing about this trail is you have a choice of putting the one really hard climb in the beginning by going clockwise or at the end by going counterclockwise. If you pay close attention there are a couple of side trails that lead to small meadows that look like Monet paintings in wildflower season and lake views, including one old fashioned tire swing.

A great trail I had the pleasure of hiking with a close friend. The hike was about the right length and difficulty to keep up a good conversation and enjoy the route. I didn't even know the lake existed until I found it in a hiking book. One side of the trail had great views of the lake and the other some pretty good views of the hills. There were a few people on the trail that day and a couple came by and told us not to go up the trail because they had seen a mountain lion... We went on and of course it didn't stay and pose for us to see. In all the trails I've been on I've seen about a half dozen bobcats but I've only seen one mountain by Burlingame within 1/4 mile of Hwy 280 surprisingly.

5 months ago

Great view. Lots of shade. Easy long hiking.

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7 months ago