The park is a beautiful, natural open space with meandering trails, natural vegetation, and varied wildlife. It is undeveloped except for its natural trail, which winds its way up the hillside toward Loma Lane. The views from the upper sections of the park are picturesque and allow the viewer to soak in the beauty of the numerous oak and madrone trees in the park below. The present site of the San Carlos 4-H Club, relocated from its Arguello Park location, is in the lower park area at the end of Oak Creek Lane. A fire access road winds its way to the top of the park, beginning at the end of Eaton Avenue, west of the McDonald property

3 years ago

Eaton provides a nice hike with beautiful views of the bay, and even San Francisco. I learned what Poison Oak looks like because of the massive amount of it. Dog friendly, but our dog brought home a tick (there are warning signs). Trails are narrow and there are steep stairs at the end of Eaton Park. Must cross busy Brittan Ave with no crosswalk to access Big Canyon. At Big Canyon, came across off-leash dogs with owners nearby. Nice canyon views at BC, but narrow trails. If these parks were in my backyard or within walking distance, I would frequent them, but think I'll stick with Pulgas for now. If you're bringing your dog, bring a flea/tick comb to brush him afterward. And read up on what poison oak looks like.

I took the Eaton park way and it was mostly up hill. Not a bad hiking spot, but it didn't seem like it was 2 miles when hiking up. If your looking for a quick up hill hike, I'd come here.

trail running
4 years ago

Started at the Eaton Ave. trailhead, which meant it was mostly uphill from there. I made my way around the north side of the hill and then descended the trail to the Big Canyon Park area. There are some fairly steep stairs at this point. The Big Canyon section shows signs of a new trail being added, although overall Big Canyon Park is mostly a way of getting a nice view of the neighborhood as the new trail is basically wedged between two housing tracts. I made my way back to Eaton Park and decided to climb to the vista, where I also found a way to the very steep Loma Road trailhead. There's a great view up there and it's definitely worth checking out up there.

The trails looks decently maintained, although the switchbacks show signs of people taking the steep shortcuts up, making them somewhat unsightly. There are also a lot of unmarked trails, so keep that in mind as you try to stay on the mail trails. The wooded sections of the park are nice, and stairs help make the steeper portions easier to traverse. I wouldn't really recommend this park if you're interested in seeing flora and fauna, but it's a nice place to get some exercise and a good view. Also, someone built some dirt bike ramps near the Eaton Ave. trailhead if you're interested in that, although I wouldn't recommend the rest of the trails for bikers unless you can fly over stairs.