wild flowers

This is a good place for the family the hike was easy for the kids. It was nice to see that the waterfall had water.

peaceful, shaded Creek is great

Would not recommend if you don't start before 8am; little to no shade, dry winds. View is amazing, definite booty blaster

Nice family hiking trail with a waterfall at the end that you can swim in.

20 days ago

We enjoyed it. I suspect it was longer than the 3.5 mi stated. GPS said 2.5 mi each way. But regardless, we enjoyed it. A lot of it wasn't shaded, so it was a bit warm. Make sure you bring plenty of water! But I was able to do it with a dog and my 2.5 year old daughter. First half was pretty flat. The second half was a lot more of going up and down steep but short slopes. The final waterfall was nice.

On 9/14/16, hiking at Mt. Wilson was my first hiking with around- trip over 14 miles after Oct. 2013. It was a hot day. We had 15 team players together getting to the peak. Challenging with great fun!

Too crowded.

Nice trail especially at spring time, when there are a lot of spring flowers in bloom. The hardest part of the trail is after George's cabin, when the switch backs get shorter and steeper.

22 days ago

Trail it's very nice now no have to much water but is good I love this site I recommend everyone

was awesome , first time here will definetly come back again loved the waterfall

Eaton Canyon is a nice way to commune with nature, without having to drive many hours outside of the greater Los Angeles area. The first part of the trail is very smooth, and easy to travel. The second half of it is a bit rocky, and trickier to negotiate. As for the waterfall at the end of the hike, it is best to visit after a few days of rain. Sadly, with all of the droughts in So Cal, there isn't much of a waterfall on most days.

29 days ago

great easy hike especially if you like climbing over rocks and boulders! sadly the waterfall just doesn't have much water left due to drought right now. But nice area, nice hike. wish there was more shade.

Fun family hike. Went on a Sunday, lots of people, but not too bad. The water fall is small, but a nice reward for the hike effort. You can get in and wade, its about knee deep (as of 9/18/16).

Mildly disappointed, when we got to the waterfall it was pretty small. Trail was great though, lots of shade. Went yesterday, Tuesday (9/20/2016) and there was only a handful of people we encountered on the trail, so that was pretty neat.

Went hiking around 6pm bad idea on our part because this was our first time here. We did not enter through the area where the parking lot is located. We were near Pinecrest/Altadena Dr. (hope im spelling that right) Theres a huge gate that closes at Sunset if you parked near that exit and did not get out on time be papared to walk South . follow the path South. it was not complicated at all but because it was out first time we struggled a bit.. not only that it got dark on us.. We got there at 6:15 pm. n got out of the parking lot near New York/ Altadena around 9:00pm .. Do your research before walking the trail or going into the waterfall.. water. charged phone. stick. flash lights.

1 month ago

I've been here 3 times . Good with friends and family hike.