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Trash smell all the time

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** Access: The trail is walking distance from home, so it is very accessible for me via River Oaks. One can access the trail from Montague Expy and E Tasman Dr. The trail extends for 2.28 mi from Hwy 237 to Montague Expy.

** Scenery: Its nice, open, and very wide. It is used by walkers, runners, and cyclists. I have done all three here.
There is practically no evidence of any creek now; perhaps once in a while you can see some trickling water near Montague Expy, especially after a light rain. The trail and the surroundings are very dry. The trail runs at an elevated level, with the dry, non-existent creek on one hand, and houses and offices on the other.
I have sometimes spotted some cats, squirrels, and wild rabbits.

** Trail surface: This is a gravel trail. I prefer paved trails, so I mostly head to the Guadalupe River Trail (behind VTA River Oaks), which is paved.
I have run at Coyote Creek Trail for 3-4 months while I was training for a 5k. Since the trail is wide open under the sun, you need to ensure you've applied loads of sunscreen and also remember to wear a hat/cap/sunglasses.

** Traffic: You will see lot of people during lunch time and in the evening, especially folks from neighboring offices, out on the trail for a walk. But is never gets too crowded. There is room for everyone. This trail is hit more by runners than cyclists.