1 month ago

You'd think that cacti would be boring to look at but this is a really pretty trail. We went in September and it was really nice. Definitely will be going again.

Nice trail

It's an easy walking/running trail. The location is why it got an extra star. It's a little gem in the middle of the suburbs. There is minimal parking at the trail head but more is available at the park across the street. There's no view but the tidy path and shrubbery make up for it. With summer here most of the shrubs are brown but that's just incentive to come back during spring. The only con is that people are not picking up their dog droppings...so disrespectful.

3 months ago

great hike very easy they have a parking lot not in residential area

4 months ago

The address listed brings you to a residence but the park with the trail is right near that address off of the main road. The trail was long and scenic with only one small hill to climb. It was 4.30 miles total out and back. I'd definitely go back.

My husband and I brought our 6 year old son here about a week ago... And my son loved it!
It's at it's prettiest just after a good rain fall... But even when it's dry there are puddles with tadpoles, a bunch of different types of birds, lizards and people going down steep hills on their bikes lol.
It's super easy to walk but make sure you bring water and wear a hat :)

6 months ago

It was ok

Great for trail running . Lot of bikes. Careful don't go alone. Some noises of peopel probably living/hiding in the bushes

7 months ago

Nice walk. Easy, unless you decide to get radical and go off the trail

8 months ago

Not bad. Mostly flat and a great start for any beginners

Nice walk !

1 year ago

It was great. I pretty much had the trail to myself. Went mid morning, nice and quiet once you get a little ways in there. There's a little water running thru the creek that runs parallel to the trail. A lot of flowers along the sides and small wildlife. I'd do it again.

2 years ago

The trail is a real easy trail to walk, I took my wiener dog and my baby in his stroller. very easy very pleasant and not hard at all. I will come here again it's a very pleasant walk and it's not hard to find and it's very close to the city I recommend this trail to anyone of all skill levels. .I sugest you read Afoot and Afield is a book about trails in San Diego.

trail running
2 years ago

Great straight trail!! Not hard at all, up and down small hills. Nice long good jog, and easy. Great for dogs to exercise.

3 years ago

This trail is relatively flat with a couple small, short ups & downs. It's best for walking, jogging, running or biking. At one part of the trail you have to cross the street to connect but it's marked. If you're unsure of which way to go the map on the app is helpful in directing you!

4 years ago

This trail if done the full length is approx. 3.5 miles long. At the trail head you'll pass a park office, the trail goes straight in front of you, but look to your left and look for a small foot trail. This trail is about 1 mile long and you will see a small waterfall and some great flower plants on the trail. I found the biggest flower ever from this area. You must go in the spring time.