Great local hike! Beautiful, views, lots of shade!

Irises in the Spring are beautiful. In the summer watch out for poison oak. We have spotted coyotes, owls and wild turkeys on this trail.

Easy, good for kids. 50 mins with a 6 year old (stop/start!)

Not too difficult. Love the redwoods at the top!

5 months ago

Nice hike. Not too tough. The redwood groves along the way are beautiful!

Short and sweet. Keep dogs on leash until out of view of the ranger house at least, they will ticket!

Quiet, mainly flat hike through trees and some open areas. Took me a bit less than an hour at a leisurely pace. I saw no one else during the walk but I did see deer and many varieties of birds. Very peaceful and a feeling of being quite remote until the last portion while walking alongside a large storage facility. Didn't see any litter on the trail which was refreshing.

Thurs Jan 8th - 60 min loop - back again on tuesday Jan 20 - 45 min

4 years ago

I was looking for a shady trail and this fit the bill. Actually very nice trail and hike. Good trail and signage; 90% in the shade; gorgeous views and easy access. The last climb to the top (Big Trees) was a good little climb-just enough for the avg. person. And the Big Trees were fairly easy to find- beautiful redwood grove-fewer trees- but Big Daddy was a fatty-est. a 35ft diameter? Not too many folks-shared with a few horses as a stable nearby. I probaby did a 5 mile hike as I took Deer Camp - Big Trees-and back rather then the loop of Deer Camp-Big Trees- BT loop back. There is some elevation-so nice hike. My first in awhile so I will be adding more.

Loop through Eucalyptus groves is nice but too close to freeway and mini storage to feel like you're in the wilderness...

This is a good easy hike. It might take you an hour if you are walking really slow.

6 years ago

Nice hike with dogs. Smelled good.