Not only is it a great place to get your workout in, if you go early enough it's a great place to see the sunrise. It's also better to go early anyway because it will not be as crowded.

trail running
9 days ago

The road or the switchbacks are the way to go.

For an workout close to home with free parking and a beautiful view with sometimes a breeze you can't beat it.

Stairs are more like climbing a wall in the lower area so work them quads.

I do the stairs portion six times up and down and if I haven't done it lately am sore everytime. Kicks my a**!

There are sloping sections if your knees are sensitive take the ramps!

It gets crowded but it's still the best a** kicking workout within 3 miles of Culver City!

Worst part is that people litter like crazy please put your trash in the cans.

trail running
15 days ago

Basically a free outdoor stair-master! Dogs are NOT welcome, so leave four-leggers behind. No need to bring water, or snacks, the trail is short. Very heavily trafficked on weekends and after work, so don't expect a calm nature walk, more like a busy gym with a view. Also, the trail is super dry, very dusty and dirty, so wear stuff you know you're gonna wash.

Great for working out, neat views

This is a great leg workout! I wouldn't call it a trail however, it's a set of steep stairs that is relatively busy. At the top there's a nice view of LA and small garden. I usually go up and down several times, it's like an intense stair master that's outside.

We went here yesterday and it was perfect timing. The trail has no shaded area and because it's overcast the weather was pleasant doing the trail and the stairs. As always it has a lot of foot traffic but if you get there early enough it won't be so bad. Parking is on the street down below but if you want to pay for parking and start from the top there is parking.

It's not necessarily a "hike" in the classic sense but the stairs are definitely an awesome workout. There are 276-282 stairs (my BF and I got different numbers each time