Beautiful botanical forest

Love this trail! A great challenge if you choose the steep route and the views at the top are amazing. From The city of San Luis, the bay, and Pismo beach strand. There is quite a bit of poison oak at the beginning, but is avoidable. once you get to the grassy area there isn't any. Mostly single track and not a lot of traffic.

4th time completing this trail. The guide states "easy"... Not easy after the swing. I'd say moderate to hard depending o. Your conditioning. Today I did the trail with my 50 liter Osprey, loaded for 3 days excursion. 3 liters of water in my hydration bladder. The trip up as usual was a workout. We took the new Summit trail from the pink tower down to the parking area. This trail is shorter than the original trail. Scenic and not too steep.

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We walk this route 3 or 4 times a month. Starting at the top of Cuesta Grade, a steep decent for the first 1/3 or so. The road levels out all the to the 101 freeway. Continue on through the tunnel for a bit more mileage. Now head back up the road. Remember the steep part at the beginning? Well, now you get the work out! Don't hold back! Blast up the last part for a good rush. We do this at night to break up the daytime hikes. Lots of spiders at night along with foxes and bobcats.

The first mile follows a creek and is easy. Then it abruptly turns uphill and is moderate to strenuous to the top of the ridge. Excellent for conditioning with outrageous views. Do not hike this trail in wet conditions.

Moderate, not easy but fun and a mix of flat trail and rocky climbs.

hard to find the trail. Have to park on Truckee road, and then walk down the hill to village drive to find poly canyon. It was a hot day and there is almost zero shade. Bring lots of water. Tons of cool structures to see that amazed the kids. Took a cooler path back to the car that went through the trees right next to the creek. Not very scenic, but the buildings created by poly students made it interesting and worth while

Deffinatly recomended for thoes just getting into hiking and for a great family hike. Dogs are allowed while on leash but watch out for the poison oak on sides of trails. There is also a lot of tall weeds so if you have your dog check for ticks.
The path is a bit hard to find and parking is a bit confusing but we finally figured it out.
To get to the Architecture Grave Yard follow the main road all the way to the end and enter through the rock entry. Don't get side tracked by the other foot paths although they are fun and worth it but do not loop around to the main trail.

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Great trail with gorgeous views. Wish it was marked better, we weren't sure where to turn off to finish the trail. Did 9 miles, enjoyed it all.

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Trails are not clearly marked so it can be difficult to find

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it starts easy and scenic. past the creek bed it turns up and it doesn't relent. pass the swing tree and you begin the nearly endless upwards climb. When you pass the sign hope you didn't drink all your water. you'll need it now. but once you over come the climb it's all worth it at the top. to oversee all the coastal slo valley. on clear days you see Oceano, Avila Pier, and Morro Bay/Los Osos

Loved getting to the amazing views and the swing is a nice bonus at the top :)

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Awesome trail!