Mostly uphill but not too difficult.

a very highly trafficked trail. the trails are very defined so you don't really get that "out in nature" feel like the more isolated and less trafficked trails. but overall still a very nice hike. great for recreation, and even running. TIP bring a pair of binoculars and on a really clear and breezy day, once you reach to peak you can see aaalll the way out to L.A. and even Catalina island.

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Great trail running challenge

If you take the trail from the fire road off the main baldy road this is an easy hike. It has a continuous gain until you get to the last 1/4 mile. I do this trail almost weekly and normally take the claremont loop up to this trail that leads up. Its around 7 miles round trip this way so it makes for a good amount of exercise with some good views of the city below. Make sure to keep an eye on time if you go this way the lot closes early in winter and they will ticket you

Although it was super hot this morning, I only saw 10 hikers on my way up and about the same on my way down. It is not a highly populated trail. There's a mix of shady and uncovered areas. The nice thing about this trail is if you want more you can always extend it into the loop.

Love this trail early morning very quite sunrise or sunset.

Pretty good workout. The end is just a straight incline.

Nice trail not crowded like some of the others .It is rated moderate but I felt it was easy and extended my hike around Claremont wilderness trail. Did not see any bees! Will do it again if I include the loop it is a pretty good workout.

It's hard

This trail is a great short and moderate hike. The trail head is misleading with NO TRESPASSING signs. Lots of shade and inclines. The last .9 miles of this trail is a nice incline with great views of the mountains.

@Jesse Ratke, that was the trail head!!

Fun and high end of moderate hike. Beautiful scenery start to finish. Bring bug repellent...flying insects are aggressive.

Enter at the yellow gate. I went early and got some shade and cool air early on, but when you're in the sun, you feel it. Quite the incline once you round the tight bend, but worth it for the view. Lots of walkers/hikers in trainers, a couple trail runners and a handful of mountain bikers. A nice hill hike. It took me just under two hours to complete.