Very moderate - not easy hiking trail. You can easily bike through- the only hard part would be going up to the potato mt summit. Very quiet and you'll see lot of birds you cannot see from LA- near mountains.

Great place to go for all levels

great views

Tried this hike on my own the day before Thanksgiving this year (2016). I started very late (1:00PM). I made it past the mini saddle and up two switchbacks before the sun set and I realized I was ill prepared for the weather. I was only wearing a pair of joggers, a breathable exercise shirt and a very thin running sweater plus I was wearing running shoes. Not only was I freezing by this point my footwear wasn't adequate enough to continue up the icy switchbacks leading up to the peak. I remember sitting down and taking my camera out to take a picture and my camera wouldn't turn on...that was the last straw and what finally caused me to turn around and head back. There was no one else on the trail and I hiked down using only the flashlight from my iPhone (which I think was more than enough light to safely make it down). It wasn't until I was nearly a mile away from the parking lot that I ran into a group of 4 that was heading up to the saddle. Keep in mind it was about 8:30/9:00PM by this point. I finally reached my vehicle a little after 9 this time. When I got home I traced my hike and realized I was only about a mile from the peak and was frustrated at my decision to turn back. 12/17/16 I decided to try again. This time with my brother and in better gear. Temperatures were reported to be around 41 but I'd imagine that was at Mt Baldy Village because it def felt a lot colder than that. We started the hike around 11AM this time. It was cold enough that the hoses to our hydration packs froze solid just past Icehouse Saddle. We finally reached the peak at about 4:30PM just in time to view the sunset. The weather at the top was extreme. I pulled out a sandwich I had taken to eat and it was nearly frozen as well. The wind made things a million times worse but we enjoyed the views nonetheless . We were up there about an hour before heading back down the mountain. The hike down was even more treacherous because by this time the snow that had been covering the path had melted enough to refreeze and become ice making the trial that much harder to hike down. This time I was prepared with a better flashlight although I felt my iPhone did great the first time. We finally reached the parking lot around 9:30PM and man were we glad it was over. I don't know why it's reported here that it's a 10.5 mile hike...from the parking lot to icehouse saddle is 3.6 miles...and from icehouse saddle to the peak is another 2.4 miles for a total of 6 miles one way and 12 miles there and back. It's def a more difficult hike than I was used to but one worth the reward. Going to go again but I'll wait until the weather warms up.

Nice incline, went around 2 in the afternoon and it was shaded and cool for the majority of the hike and you can hear the stream below which was nice. Great views of the valley from the top. I'm an avid hiker and I took my husband who isn't and he really enjoyed it. It took us about 2 hours to complete. It's a popular trail so parking gets full pretty quick. All in all, nice short hike. I'll be doing it again for sure.

By far the best hike! Not only does your mind body and soak get tested once you hit the peak the views alone are worth every step of the way. It is an 8 hour hike and would not recommend someone with no experience going up there. I also highly suggest microspikes if you go during this time because the snow is not easy to walk on. Can't wait to do it again.

I love this trail, its my second time attempting this trail ever since my knee injury and its perfect. It has a good incline but not so bad. Dogs are welcomed, i always bring mine.

Great incline hike about 90% to top. Some shade but definitely bring a hat if you go midday or later. Takes about 1.25 hrs up and 45 mins down depending how many stops. Nice view at the top. Parking is to right and the yellow gate can be hard to see so don't drive too fast. It's just past a fenced building

visiting cali for work. nice early morning hike

What a beautiful trail but not very safe in the fall with snow. We started at 6:30am & made it the summit shortly before the storm came in. Conditions were dangerous on the way down. Heavy wind, snow & LOTS of ice. Our footprints turned icy & made it very difficult. Ran into a couple of other groups on our way down that decided to turn around because of the conditions. Due the weather & being extra cautious it took us 8.5 hours to complete.

Great inclines!!!

The walk was great. If you do a mid day hike the back of mountain hides the sun on the way up. Great view once you arrive. Also don't forget your potato. I guess it's a tradition to bring one to the top and drop it as an offering.

Great Trail's hard and the rocks don't make the path easier. Took me 8 hours to complete ..