the weather was perfect

The worst hike I have ever been in 7 years.
Not worth it!
No trees, no great views, and because of the dirty small water on the top there are mosquitoes even in winter!

Great short day hike if your looking for something easy with a nice view.

The all the local trails I grew up on this one is the most memorable and challenging. Look for groups on meet up!

Loved this hike! The last leg as steep but a great challenge. Nice wide trail and well maintained, no graffiti, lots of dogs...REMEMBER TO PICK UP YOUR DOGS POOP. I seen a couple 10ish year old kids who rocked it but no babies in carriers, the trail is wide and for the most part smooth enough for a jogging stroller with bicycle tires but it is very steep at the end and could add a whole new aspect to the workout. If you did take a stroller I would suggest staying on the main trail and not go all the way to potato mt.

Definitely need snow cleats to complete the hike during the colder seasons. Not suggested for beginner hikers.

Got chased by bees. 10/10 would get chased again.

Awesome shorter trail, one of my favorite. Well groomed and wide. see some wild life (deers) and hike by a creek for a little bit when there's rain (recently). Steady incline for the first 2/3 of the way then more inclined for the last 1/3 or so. take the side trail to the right on your way up/down for a little steepier but more interesting hike, like a mini "off road" incline. great view at the top.