Nice easy hike. Several different trails.

Great trail walk if you don't have a tun of time!

I have a lot to say about this park. But I keep it short. It sucked. The trails are not taken care of, the Rangers don't even try to block off trails that people who don't know to stay on trails make, the signs aren't good, no t.p. In the bathrooms and to top it all off there were no maps provided at the beginning of the trail

I will say if those things were fixed this is a fantastic park to bring a stroller.

2 years ago

I can't really rate it as I didn't even start. I pulled in and saw the $7.00 parking fee and drove back out. There is no off street parking that I saw. I don't want to pay $7.00 to walk two miles. :-)

I love Crane Creek! I often choose to get a quick hike in here, as it's less than a 5 min drive from home. I have never had an issue with parking. I arrive early in the day, usually to beat the heat.

Crane Creek is a lovely oasis outside of Rohnert Park. Or, it was. There is a frisbee golf course that has essentially taken over the park, which means that one is always in danger of having one's head taken off by a flying disc. If one can even find a place to park in the small lot. Oh well.