The fishhook-shaped Coyote Mountains cover about 40 percent of this austere Wilderness, a desertland of low ridges and washes capped by the forbidding Carrizo Badlands to the north. Carrizo Mountain (734 feet) and the striking Painted Gorge lie in a non-Wilderness intrusion that punches in from the eastern boundary. The entire area falls within the Yuha Desert Recreation Area, and Anza-Borrego Desert State Park lies immediately to the north. You'll find unusual sandstone formations that are estimated to be six million years old, adding a touch of scenic character to the area. On the mountain ridges, you may be privileged to see a barefoot gecko. What you won't see are any trails in this hot, dry country, though an old track leads up Painted Gorge to the edge of the Wilderness.

This trail kicked my butt. I wasn't prepared.. I'll be back tomorrow to conquer. I got side tracked quite a bit. The trail is not easy to follow. Beautiful scenery!