The trail down the river was closed due to flooding, but the preserve was really cool.

Absolutely beautiful hike today!! Love this App!!

3 months ago

It's a okay walk. nothing exciting to see though. If you just want to take a walk here, it's alright.

Pretty easy trail The visitor center is closed so you have to park in the first parking lot you see on Franklin and there's a side path to get around the construction.

Nice view!!

It was a great little trail. Just a head off and go all the way around. We even headed to the extra areas. It should be rated easy in my opinion. Great place to just walk and relax.

I walked the entire 3.1 mile trail. I felt lost the entire time even though i knew it looped. The signs were insufficient and semi confusing. There were spider webs everywhere and i walked into one at the start and felt like i was constantly covered. It just felt creepy to me. Not my kind of trail.

7 months ago

Nice easy trail

Did the back loop today. Easy walk, no hills. Dirt trail. Open areas were warm, shaded/tree areas were cool. Tip: Bring bug spray for eaten up

not a bad outing. the small loop is paved, so it's more of a walk than a hike. It gets really warm in the late morning and on. Haven't gotten around to do the back loop which is longer.

I hit this trail when going to the nearby preserve. Decent trails with a chance to see wildlife.

There are many trails in this area and you can get really close to the freight train. I managed to walk close to 7 miles hitting many of the trails. I was hoping to see some wildlife buy only got to see birds and one squirrel. It's a nice trail system.

9 months ago

love these trails and go here all the time. the wetlands walks are either paved or boardwalk and relatively short, perfect for bird watchers who want clear views. The river walk has several dirt trails that loop back on each other for an easy return to the visitor's center. Hardly any elevation change. Great for kids field trips and family outings.