Pretty hike with some ocean views. Opportunities to continue the hike to a much longer one too.

Great loop

Great view of the ocean and you can't pass up eating at Malibu Seafood at the end of the hike

4 months ago

Fun hike but not very challenging.. Easy - great for beginners or families. There is a sea food restaurant at the bottom which had really good food and the beach was very accessible across the street. All in all, it was a good Saturday outing.

For a beginner is was just right

It was a fun hike, the up hill is the most intense part. It kinda seems like your lost once your going around but then you smell the food at the Malibu seafood and get a happy feeling.

it's such a great hike, I love the ocean breeze and view, also like how it's a safe to walk trail, meaning no cliffs or narrow paths.

I'm doing coast hikes regularly now since inland temps are getting into the 90s. The sun was intense for the hike around the loop but the cool breeze off the ocean mitigated its effect. You could tell that it would have been unpleasantly warm on the rare occasions that the breeze disappeared. Interestingly enough in the hour plus it took to do the hike the breeze intensified. When I started the ocean was rather calm but as I was finishing I noticed the wind was making small white caps. It was warming inland so more air was rushing through the passes to occupy the void left by rising air. The ocean views make the drive from the west valley through Malibu Canyon to the coast well worth it. I park on PCH to avoid the $5 fee. If I had children, I'd pay the $5. The cars rushing past on PCH do make it a bit dangerous.

it was a fun trail. good ocean views and trail quality. there are a lot of side trails to make the same trail a little steeper and harder. really good fish restaurant at the trail head.

beautiful views✌

We hiked this on a weekend and it was sprinkling a bit in the morning. The beginning of the trail is over grown with plants but gets better as you keep walking. Took us about an hour to do the entire trail. We parked along PCH which was free. Or you can park in the parking lot for $5

nice up and downhill. good views. Perfect after a long trek yesyerday

Got there just before sunset. Got lost for a bit but found my way back. Beautiful wild flowers. Great short hike.

The trail is well maintained with lots of flowers and green grass at this time of year. I got to see a whale on my way down the hill. There is also some geocaches along this trail and a killer seafood restaurant for after the hike.

Beautiful hike!

9 months ago

Hiked this with the wife and pup last Thursday. Trail started out a bit overgrown and felt like we needed a machete to get through but became wider as we got to the old cabin that once stood there. It was a great hike but had to pick several ticks off of the pup as we went along the trail. Once at the top of the trail we startled a rattle snake as it was coming down the hill to sun on the trail. Scared the life out of us at it never warned us until we were 3 feet away and was at waist level with us. Of course my dumb ass wanted a picture and managed to get one. Headed down and noticed a couple with an infant that was only about 100 yards away to be careful. Needless to say they went back down.

trail running
10 months ago

Amazing. The most amazing views of Malibu and 20 miles of ocean shores