Nice trail . Hot during the summer carry some water with you. I normally parked outside on the street. Warm up run/walk the hill go over the top to mulholland drive .

easy quick hike...

It was a great trail except for the monstrous swarm of thousands of bees we encountered on the way down. We had to take an alternate way down and ended up far from the beginning but it was still a good hike. Good for beginner to medium hikers.

If you're new to hiking and want a trail for your first elevation gain - don't start with this trail. It's a good trail and everything but it'll kick your !#$*@ if you're not in really good shape. You might decide hiking isn't for you. The climb starts with 1/4 mile of 16% grade. That's significant. It's not a long way to Mulholland but the average uphill grade is around 13%. That's a bit taxing. Going out I was concerned that I'd be exhausted coming back. Coming back turned out to be a rather easy stroll. The views aren't outstanding but it's a good work out in the out of doors.

1 year ago

It's a short hike (1 hour out and back) starting at Serrania Park in Woodland Hills, CA. Brought my two dogs and hiked off-leash. Went all the way to the fire road and came back. A little bit more than 3 miles round trip. Didn't bring water since it's only 3 miles but dogs were able to drink water when we ended the hike at the dog park at the bottom. I'm at this park everyday walking my dogs but will definitely incorporate this hike into our daily regiment. Have to start early or go on a day that's overcast since there is little to no shade on this trail. If we have more time, we'll definitely see where the fire road leads...

Hiked w my wife and 8 month old, we had her in the baby carrier but we also brought an off roading stroller in case she needed to sleep...the narrow parts of the trail were tough w the stroller but overall really enjoyed the hike...the ridge line was great...surprisingly crowded, but was holiday weekend...

Yes, a disappointing trail. I drove there from my Hotel on Ventura blvd to run this trail and there was no where to park and no trail signs and then when i finally found a path to the trail lots of dogs running free and dog sh#t all over the place. so I decided to run down in the neighborhood and lots of poop there too. If there is ever a dog-flu outbreak, it will come from this area.

I had really high hopes for this trail since I live so close by, but I am really battling some serious disappointment. It was uber challenging uphill from Serrania, and that was great! I was ready for the challenge! The views were gorgeous. And it was practically empty. Then the trail narrowed so severely you couldn't pass without getting scraped up with brush. And you know what likes to curl up in sage brush? Rattlers. Sometimes you need to accept turning around is the wisest option.

mountain biking
4 years ago

This is a pretty technical trail, it is pretty narrow in the beginning. (Comming from mulhallond fire road) then it widens out a little bit and there are some steeper sections then as you get closer to the park it gets really steep and technical. I gave this only four stars because this trail has a lot of potential for being a killer downhill trail. But it isn't well maintained and I've almost hit several hikers on seperate occasions, because there are many blind corners and there are no warning signs for hikers. Hit me up to ride. I forgot to add it in but the trail is very dry and some turns can be quite rudded

My I-need-to-hike-now-where-should-I-go hiking spot.

Likes - almost NO crowd (even on weekends!), numerous trails (varying levels of difficulty), good overlooking view of the Valley, very accessible (I live in the Valley)
Dislikes - not much to see really :)