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Cleveland National Forest encompasses 460,000 acres, mostly of chaparral, with a few riparian areas. A warm dry mediterranean climate prevails over the Forest. It is the southernmost National forest of California.

Despite using the guide on the Modern Hiker website, I lost the trail a bit over a mile in and couldn't find it again as it became pretty overgrown. Met some others on the way who were pretty lost as well. Wear long pants as it's pretty easy to get scratched up!

Lovely hike, lots of shade, easy to find, well maintained trail - definitely would do it again!

3 days ago

We did an overnight in October during a drought. There was some water in spots. Definitely going back after the rains. The waterfalls would be beautiful when the river is flowing.

Steeper then originally expected, great views from the top, can see down to the south into Jamul (Lyons Peak, Lawson Peak) and can see out to Point Loma and Coronado. Trail isn't too wide, but overall not bad. Great place to watch the sunset.

Followed the directions to trail from the destination in the AllTrails app, but did not park at water towers when Siri said I reached the destination, drove past up to where the road widens, there are some spray painted rocks on the right, the trail head is in that area, will see the opening in the fence.

trail running
9 days ago

The views are breathtaking, it's technical and most areas are single track. sometimes the bikers can be a little much, it interrupts my pace for my trail run. Great trail to train on!

Hiked the Dead Horse trail on a cooler day and there is plenty of shade in the early morning. This ended up being just under 8 miles. Once the sun gets higher there is limited shade so I would recommend hiking on cooler days. The trail is narrow but easy to follow with great signage. There is a lot of foxtails encroaching on the path and I spent a bit of time getting those out of my socks. There is an $8 fee for parking if you don't have the Adventure Pass or Federal equivalent. Also there was a sign forbidding dogs on the trail at the trail head.

14 days ago

Beautiful views at the top! The trail is difficult to follow. I had downloaded the trail from AllTrails and it looked like we were hiking parallel to it, but I figured that my GPS was slightly off. As it turns out, we had taken the wide right path when we should have taken the very faint left trail at a wide sandy spot. We were able to bushwack over to the main trail after ascending a bit to the rocky part. On the way down, we lost the trail again and regained it after some use of the alltrails map on my phone. I was surprised by the heat on the trail back. We started at 8:20 am and were back to our car by 11:20 at a slow pace due to the heat.

Great hike! The trail was kind of hard to find sometimes, I had to use my phone GPS to make sure I stayed on track. Not too busy though.

Easy, nice views of meadow, mostly flat hike, you can avoid $5 day use fees at Laguna campground by a mile farther up on Sunrise hwy near Noble Canyon trail

off road driving
15 days ago

great trail glad to see it so active but lots of speeding drivers be safe yall

off road driving
22 days ago

Enjoyed this.

There is the option for hard, very technical, rock crawling here if you're inclined.

I used Francisco Leal trail. It was easy to follow and it also took me to Green Valley Falls even though there was no water but it was nice to see. I did a total of 10.4 miles. Be prepared to bring snacks and water because it took me 3:40. Enjoy!

27 days ago

Awesome trail. We did it on a warm day but surprised that it stayed pretty cool. The switchbacks are mostly shady in the morning. The upper ridge smells of fresh pine and while is in the sun, had a nice breeze. At the top, we took Main Divide east to the Trabuco Canyon Loop back down. All in all was 10 miles or so. Great trail in good shape. Can't wait to go out again and see the fall colors.

I was there on 9/26/2016 driving my Canyon. it was fun not to bad more like a easy trail good for me , as a beginner. good to know ur aproach angles and departure and height of ur vehicle. definitely going back to do more adventurous riding

28 days ago

idk why everyone says this trail is hard. it was pretty easy. not challenging at all. we only brought 3 bottles of water and that was more than sufficient. ofcourse bring tons of water to hydrate. we didn't tale any breaks either. the climb up to the peak is all up hill and like doing lunges
the way down was a walk in the park.
definitely not a difficult hike. i did it with my 4 year old son.