Beautiful hike with some nice elevation gain. Some nice views of the Bay and the Berkeley campus

4 days ago

I went about a month ago and I really enjoyed it. Headed back out today.

great view!!!

We only hiked up the Panoramic Hill (probably less than 2 miles up and down). Beautiful scenery of the Bay. Moderate traffic with lots of dogs and families. Good for children too if they are up for the uphill challenge, especially the last climb up the Panoramic Hill. The view was rewarding!!

The total hike was 7.5 miles. Sometimes covered with tree, sometimes not.Though we climbed more than 1000 feet, but as it was not a continuous uphill path, we didn’t face too much difficulties. It was great for exercise. The trail was not at all crowded. Very few people were hiking with us. Even sometimes we three were alone on the path. It was an enjoyable hike...
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I loved it.