could not find trail head. no areas for parking. Waste of time.

Empty. Hot. North Ridge Trail is closed, so did an out-and-back via Telegraph Canyon trail to Four Corners. It's all hard-packed or loose sand. Rough on you feet. I rarely get blisters, but have at least three across both feet. Breezes in the canyon are few, and mostly hot. Up at Four Corners, there's a nice picnic shelter with portable toilet. Breezes ate cooler and were constant today (July). Temps were low- to mid-90s. Since the trail is a wide truck/dozer trail, it's even hotter. Heat reflects off the trail, and trees are sparse. Look for the windmill in a tree. There's a water trough for horses hidden in the brush. Scared the .... outta me when it started spinning and a rusty metal monster coming to life.

Great trail for training if you need heat acclimation without too much elevation change. Not a fun family romp. It's work.

Definitely stop in at the Discovery Center before the trailhead. Air-conditioned, educational exhibits, and very friendly folks. They have maps of the trails, and estimated mileages for out-and-back to several points.

Bathrooms are plumbed. Cold water in the sink. Flushing toilets. I felt spoiled compared to other trails.

Will definitely do this trail and others again. Great way to add mileage without fighting crowds and parking.

4 months ago

Many trail options from this residential trail head spot. TAKE WATER and watch for snakes, didn't see one , but saw their belly paths across trail several times. It was warm ,but there was a breeze that was awesome and shade trees to take a breather under. Mountain bikers a plenty so keep you ears open. My Boyfriend and I enjoyed it and will go back to zig where we zagged to see what else is out there.

Good and fun. I enjoy this hike every time I go to top of the world.

horseback riding
8 months ago

10 months ago

Beautiful day. Parents & 4 kids had a great time!

1 year ago

To call this a trail is disingenuous. It is a cross connector between two longer/larger trails. Akin to calling an interchange a freeway. Or even an on/off-ramp.

cross country skiing
1 year ago

Great en easy to the beginner.

Good trail that overlooks Chino Hills/Ontario area toward Mt. Baldy to the north and on the south overlooks Anaheim Hills and Yorba Linda/91 freeway.

mountain biking
1 year ago

Took this trail in the summer through the canyon from the park and carried my bike up to the peak. Definitely a tough start, but the views and cool breeze helped at the peak. From there getting down the fire road back to the hwy was easy and fast! Hit 38mph (according to my speedometer which has proven pretty accurate). Nice 10min ride down, just gotta be careful of others coming up on the blind corners. Take water!


trail running
2 years ago

Great trail for runners, uphill grade is slow and not too challenging. Ran a 10 mile out and back. Definitely enjoyed the views once we hit the top. Best to run in the early morning to beat the heat.

Pleasant hike if you hit the trail first thing in the morning. My boys and I have hiked this trail several times and on our most recent hike we were the first ones on the trail. Observed tracks from several animals, including mule deer, coyotes, snakes, lizards, birds, and rabbits. We also had a coyote trot right past us. It's a fairly easy trail though I wouldn't recommend it on a warm day. Also it's important to keep an eye out for rattlesnakes and cyclists. Overall it's a great hike with some beautiful vegetation and interesting wildlife.

Really nice and maintained trail. Lots of bikers and hikers. Overall not a hike I'd recommend for the summer months. Los of vegetation and animals. I saw a coyote while I was here. There are numerous signs warning about mountain lions so take into account if you will visit here.

3 years ago

I found this to be a drab and rather boring hike. There wasn't much to look at (the entire hillside was brown with fox tails) and because we took the advice of someone else on this site and went on an overcast day the view from the peak was limited, although, doing this hike on a summer afternoon without the overcast would SUCK due to the lack of shade on the trail. It was a good workout however. The trailhead was really easy to find and there was a definite trail all the way to the peak.

Great mellow trail for bikers or hikers. great ride in the cooler months, lots of animals and streams. family fun, but be safe and watch out for wild animals :-)