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28 days ago

This trail was a tough and beautiful climb. I would not recommend taking San Juan Creek trail back. San Juan Creek trail is next to the highway, so it is very noisy.

Hard. Trail was washed out in several places and made it difficult to go up. Ended up coming back down via Ortega highway.

Most of this trail is exposed so go early in the morning or during cooler seasons. Also part of the lower loop is closed due to deadfall.

Really tough climb, but well worth it for the amazing views from the top. The climb once at the Oso trail is pretty steep. Gotta be in good shape to complete this hike.

6 months ago

Lots of incline and great views. Bring plenty of water and snacks for energy. The start of the trail runs through the Lazy W ranch but they are pretty lenient on hikers going through there. Just be sure to call them and get their permission just to be safe.

Fun trail that did while camping on a weekend and had some great views with tall grass valleys. When we hit the end of trail my girlfriend asked if I thought we could see out camp site and sure enough we had a direct view of our favorite campsite with all of our gear (and the squires trying to steel our food). Will do this hike next time we camp here as I like camping here a lot

1 year ago

Not my favorite hike, but it was really pretty. Very narrow trail with gazillions of foxtails. But, it's pretty good for beginners - nice graded trail, great views at the top. I suggest going early as there are very few places to sit and very little shade. Always bring water!

1 year ago

Not the most exciting trail, but it *is* beautiful. There is a large grass meadow at the beginning of the hike. You'll share the trail with horses. Lots of bees pollinating flowers - didn't get stung, but maybe not the best trail for those allergic. The climb is moderate and short. Lots of patches of dappled light so watch for snakes. Bathrooms, water and good parking at the trail head.

on Los Pinos Trail

2 years ago

This trail is incredibly difficult. There are a few switchbacks at the start but afterward it is nearly straight up to each peak and then straight down. Very rocky surface in numerous locations. We went on an overcast May day and were in the clouds nearly all day but still sweating profusely. It would be a brutal summer hike. Be prepared for a butt kicker.

beautiful view, loved seeing the horse. quite a climb towrd the end but tolerable.

seen a lot of mountain lion tracks loved walking this with my girl almost got caught in the dark had to chase the sun back.

These are many trails that loop around within "Caspers Wilderness Park" off the Ortega HWY. Google their website for a map of all these trails (or see link below). All are located within the campground, I think day use access is free. Great hiking, lots of horses and some mountain biking.

This trails starts of on the fairly level "Oak Trail" winding through oak groves, then quickly ascends to the top of the West Ridge, meeting up with the "West Ridge Trail" (which is essentially a utility access road).. Also, it's worth mentioning that these trails are located in the "Caspers Wilderness Park" campground, off the Ortega HWY.

3 years ago

Great hike , bring lots of water! And go early. Trails can be narrow and rough making you feel being in complete wilderness . Love the remoteness. Once you get to the base of the sugar loaf peak , takes a while to find an open trail through the bushes ( machetes a great help) and a little rock scrambling , a sweet chimney to climb and then the magnificent view on top. so well worth it. Make sure you sign the recorder hidden under the boulder on top. Would do this trail in Cooler weather most definitely .

3 years ago

Very difficult hike. Go early as it takes a long time. Remember that it is not just a summit hike in that you go up and come back down. There is a lot of up and over hills, the elevation gained is from the descent as well as the ascent. Bring enough water! It is hot in the summer months, fun to hike in the rain though.

Intense!!!! The most intense incline I've experienced so far. It's all at once so be prepared. The hike ends up being around 12 miles. An excellent workout!! Not too much shade, be sure to bring your sunblock, hat and water!!

The trailhead can be quite busy, but you quickly find yourself in the more secluded parts of the park. You wind through lush foliage, through open stream beds and ultimately out into the exposed open brush of the hillsides.
Overall a solid hike, with some steep sections, and respectable views.

Great hike! Lots of interesting flora & if your quiet even some deer or cool local birds. My only advice is to keep an eye out along the trail for poison oak. Just remember "leaves of three let it be" & have fun!

The trail was great with some excellent views along the ridge. Some of the trail was washed out do to the weather so we hiked around for a further hike. Some water crossing but nothing difficult. Overall a great hike.