Some of the most expansive views in the entire California Desert--vistas often extending for more than 100 miles--exist in Carrizo Gorge Wilderness. From overlooks, you can see the Chocolate Mountains, the Salton Sea to the northeast, Mount Signal on the Mexican border, and Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, which shares the Wilderness' eastern border. The eastern boundary actually runs near the western edge of Carrizo Gorge itself, where the In-Ko-Pah Mountains rise up from the desert. This Wilderness represents the only ecological transition zone in the NWPS between the low Colorado Desert and the dry California coastal mountains. Peninsular bighorn sheep find this remote, rugged region to their liking, and three herds call the area home. The San Diego coast horned lizard also lives here, eyeing the skies warily for Swainson's hawks, golden eagles, and other birds of prey. California fan palms line the edges of dry washes and narrow canyons, creating oases in the parched terrain. You will not find much in the way of trails from the west side, though several springs might provide water. From the east side, via Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, you can access Carrizo Gorge on a jeep trail, and the Wilderness on foot.

An Epic and Spectacular hiking adventure. Unlike anything else in SD. Nearly 15 miles round trip if you go to the Goat Canyon Trestle ( if you park on Carrizo Gorge Rd just outside the nudist resort).

Prepare for abandon rail passenger cars in a post-apocalyptic type setting. On the way out you will cross over 9 other smaller trestles as well as several tunnels, two of them over a quarter-mile in length. (It's kinda spooky in there so don't hike alone.)
This trail is long but flat and relatively smooth.
It can get real hot but not when I went on a December morning with a max temp of 65 all day, perfect for this hike. Don't go out in the Heat!

Great hike one of my favorite places to go so peaceful. Had to park by the water tower though was in a rental car, and couldn't get closer. Had to walk 15 miles out and back worth the trip bring water and good shoes though

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6 years ago

Tremendous display of flowers this time of year.